Why We May Never Fully Colonize the Moon in the 2030s
Lunar colonization is inevitable. But when are we going to fully colonize the moon? Migration to a new region to advance the human civilization have been part of our human history....
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Uranus and Neptune aren't made of what we thought, Astronomers Discover in a new study
Scientists previously believed that Uranus and Neptune contain massive amounts of frozen water. However, a recent study has it that these ice giants may likely have more tons of methane...
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Lunar Horizons: You Can Now Explore The Lunar Surface as an Astronaut in this latest Fortnite Video Game
If you ever desired to explore the lunar surface as an astronaut, you may consider taking a virtual walk first by playing as an astronaut in this Epic video game named Lunar Horizons....
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Scientists Finally Discovered What Made NASA's Voyager 1 Spacecraft Stopped Communicating, Here's How They Are Working To Fix The Issue
NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft is currently experiencing a communication breakdown between Interstellar Space and Earth. NASA engineers recently discovered the major cause of this breakdown....
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White House Instructs NASA to Create a New Time Zone for the Moon
The White House has instructed NASA to create a new time zone for the moon by the end of the 2026. The American Space Agency is working towards landing its first Artemis astronauts...
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2024 Total Solar Eclipse Will Occur on April 8, Here’s How To Watch It
On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will occur. It will darken skies along a 115-mile-wide path across North America. Astronomers revealed that today’s solar eclipse will...
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How O’Neill Cylinder Will Be Built According to physicist Gerard K. O'Neill 
In 1976, American physicist Gerard K. O’Neill proposed a futuristic space settlement concept named the O’Neill cylinder in his book titled The High Frontier: Human Colonies in...
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Scientists Just Discovered That Tardigrade Proteins Slow Aging in Human Cells
Scientists at the University of Wyoming just discovered how tardigrade proteins slow aging in human cells and also survive in extreme conditions both on Earth and outer space. The researchers...
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South Koreans Build Artificial Sun That Is Seven Times Hotter Than The Sun
South Koreans have joined the world’s superpowers in creating an artificial sun that beats the sun’s temperature. Scientists at the Korea Institute of Fusion Energy (KFE) successfully...
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