2022 Strawberry Supermoon will Peak on June 14: Here’s How to Watch it

We are all fascinated by the moon. Since it is the closest celestial body to our beautiful planet, we are always excited to see it over our skies. Every June, the Moon often moves closer to earth. During this period, the moon will become more visible and appear in its fullness over our skies.

Since the moon is more visible during this period, Native American Cultures nicknamed this astronomical event as Strawberry Moon. This year’s strawberry moon is expected to occur on Tuesday, June 14, at 7:51 a.m. EDT (1151 GMT). But for causer observers, the full moon will appear from June 13 to June 15.

During this astronomical event, the moon will reach its peak and will become more visible to earth. Supermoons often occur when the moon covers up to 90% of its perigee distance to earth. Keep in mind that perigee is defined as the point when the moon moves to its closest distance to earth.

Astronomers estimate that this June’s full moon will move closer to earth at a distance of 357,658 km (222,238.4 miles). So when you are observing the strawberry moon over the sky, keep in mind that you are looking at the moon at its closest distance to earth.

How can you observe the Strawberry Moon of June?

To watch June’s strawberry full moon, you don’t need a telescope or binoculars to start with. But, if you desire a clearer view, you should watch the supermoon with a telescope or binoculars. As a stargazer hoping to get a clear view of the full moon, you should point your telescope in the southeast direction after sunset.

Astronomers predict that the Strawberry Moon will rise gently over the horizon. So, you can get a better view by looking in this direction. As you observe this moon, you may notice that the supermoon may be bigger than the normal moon by up to 17% and may even appear 30% brighter.

These slight changes exist as the moon follows its elliptical orbit to move closer to earth. But always keep in mind that the Supermoon still has the same size and brightness as the normal moon. 

How to Watch Strawberry Moon Online?

Bad weather clouds may stop you from getting a better view of the strawberry moon from your location. However, if you find yourself in this situation, do not panic as you can still watch the astronomical event online.

You can join a free webcast that will be hosted by the Virtual Telescope Project online. The live streaming will begin at 3:13 pm EDT (1915 GMT). So endeavor to make out your time to watch the moon move closer to earth. 


Strawberry Moon 2022 will indeed be a fascinating experience for all space lovers. Watching the moon move closer to earth will surely give you a different feeling about astronomy. Astronomers also predict that the supermoons will still appear from May to August.

Keep in mind that full moons often occur as summer draws near. Since supermoons will continue to appear in our skies monthly from May to August, you should prepare your mind to partake in these future astronomical events. Please, endeavor to enjoy your strawberry moon and share your experience with us below.

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