NASA Plans the Next Artemis 1 launch on September 3: here’s how to watch it live

Since NASA officially called off its Artemis 1 launch on August 29th, the world has been looking forward to when next the space agency will commence with its space mission to visit the moon. NASA initially planned to launch the Artemis 1 megarocket from Kennedy Space Center on August 29.

But after NASA’s engineers discovered a temperature problem with one of the SLS booster’s core engines as the rocket is being fueled with propellant, the space agency has to call off the launch for safety reasons. After canceling the launch, the engineers worked tirelessly to troubleshoot the errors and prepare the megarocket for liftoff. The good news is that their hard work prepared the spacecraft for the next launch.

While troubleshooting the SLS engines on August 30, the engineers realized that one of the four RS-25 engines that fails to cool down properly was not a major technical issue. The proof of the fault was boldly displayed on the faulty temperature sensor attached to the faulty RS-25 engine. Since the issue was not a major issue, the team resolved the problem fast and then announced September 1, as the new date to launch the megarocket.

The team was also confident that the Artemis 1 megarocket liftoff will happen anytime soon. The engineers worked for two days in order to arrive at such a promising conclusion. During a press conference on September 1, John Honeycutt, who is the manager of the SLS program stated, “We have convinced ourselves without a shadow of a doubt that we have good, quality liquid hydrogen going through the engines. There’s no fuzz on that. We know we had a bad sensor.”

When Will Artemis 1 Mission Launch?

During a meeting session held on September 1, NASA Artemis 1 team finalized making the next liftoff attempt on Saturday, September 1. The megarocket will commence its journey to visit the moon from the Kennedy Space Center located in Florida.

The Artemis 1 team planned the launch to take place at a two-hour window which will open at 2:17 p.m. EDT or 1817 GMT. However, during a news conference briefing on September 1, Mike Sarafin, the Artemis mission manager stated, “There’s no guarantee that we’re going to get off on Saturday, but we’re gonna try.”

How Can You Watch the Artemis 1 Launch?

NASA will broadcast the Artemis 1 launch live on Youtube, Facebook, and other platforms. Aside from NASA, you can also watch the launch from other platforms such as and other news platforms. After the Artemis 1 launch, you can also continue tracking the progress of the mission using this NASA newly built tool. You can see how to track the spacecraft from here.


NASA Artemis team announcing that the next Artemis launch is in September is already a great sign that we are getting closer to commencing on the journey to the moon. What do you think about the Artemis 1 Launch to visit the moon?

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