Black holes may be the source of mysterious dark energy, Astronomers Discover in a New Study

Scientists have earlier discovered that the universe is made up of 5 percent of ordinary matter, 26.8 percent of dark matter, and about 68.2 percent of form or energy generally known as dark energy. Researchers also discovered that the universe is expanding at a faster rate.

Some of these scientists believed that this form of energy could be the force pushing cosmic objects farther away from each other. Despite our scientific knowledge about dark energy, astronomers are still struggling to estimate the actual source of this unique form of energy that occurs in more than half of the Universe.

A team of 17 international scientists led by the University of Hawaii recently conducted a study and discovered the first evidence for the originating point of dark energy. Based on the outcome of the study, these researchers concluded that the source of dark energy is no other place than black holes. Why did they suggest black holes could be the origin point of this form of energy? Continue reading to find out.

Why do scientists suggest blackholes as the source of dark energy?

Black holes are one of the most mysterious cosmic objects astronomers have ever discovered in space. Based on our scientific observations of these messy eaters, scientists have learned that black holes often acquire mass in two common ways, including, merging and accretion of gas with other black holes.

The researchers that published this new study have been studying nine billion years of black hole evolution in dormant massive elliptical galaxies. From their study, the astronomers learned that the older black holes are much larger than they should appear, and their two methods of growth never support their extra size.

Because of the slight changes in the size of the black holes, the researchers are suggesting that there must be another means through which these black holes are gaining extra mass. The team is suggesting dark energy in the form of a vacuum to be responsible for the acquired extra mass of older black holes.

“If the theory holds, then this is going to revolutionize the whole of cosmology because at last, we’ve got a solution for the origin of dark energy that’s been perplexing cosmologists and theoretical physicists for more than 20 years,” Dr. Chris Pearson of STFC RAL Space, a co-author of a study on the discovery, said in a statement.

How Long has this idea been in existence?

Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity has previously suggested that black holes are a source of dark energy. This implies that this idea has theoretically been in existence before now. However, this is the first time astronomers have conducted an observation that supports this theory with evidence.

Astronomers may still have to conduct more studies to fully understand how black holes allow this form of energy to come into existence.

“We’re really saying two things at once: That there’s evidence the typical black hole solutions don’t work for you on a long, long timescale, and we have the first proposed astrophysical source for dark energy,” said study author Duncan Farrah, University of Hawaii astronomer, in the statement.

The team of astronomers published a paper in the Astrophysical Journal Letter on Feb. 15 explaining the outcome of their study. You can check it out to learn more about this observation.


Learning about black holes being the source of mysterious dark energy has unlocked a new study of astronomy. Astronomers will likely explore this idea in the future and learn more about how dark energy actually came into existence. What do you think about this new study?

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