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Humans could use blackholes as batteries, physics paper Suggests How
Astrophysicists have been making several suggestions on how humans can take advantage of blackholes in the future. Since the gravitational pull from black holes is so powerful that nothing can escape its...
Perseverance Mars Rover Celebrates 1,000 Mars days on the Red Planet
NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover just completed its 1,000 Mars days on the red planet. Unlike Earth, Mars Days are slightly longer. One Sol is about 24 hours and 37 minutes. This implies that the Perseverance...
How Apollo 15 Astronauts took the first Lunar Roving Vehicle to the Moon Fifty-Three Years ago
Since NASA commenced with its Apollo space programs, the agency never considered sending a crewed rover to the moon. On July 26, 1971, NASA launched the Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV), alongside the Apollo...
Did Green Moon Ever Occur In the Past Decade? 
A rumor in the spring of 2016, claiming that the moon would turn green. The green moon occurred because of the planets’ alignment, which will cause an eerie glow, according to EarthSky. But did...
How Apollo 17 Astronauts Landed on the Moon 51 Years Ago
On December 11, 1972, Apollo 17 astronauts landed on the lunar surface in a region called the Taurus-Littrow valley. The two astronauts who made this historic moon landing include Mission Commander Gene...
Surviving On Mars (A Futuristic Science Fiction Story)
It’s the evening of 19th April 2074, Michael, Kim, and Philips are standing next to huge vegetation inside their Martian outpost. The crew noticed that some vegetables that they had been growing using...
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