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This Man Is Sending His DNA to the Moon So That Aliens Can Clone Him and Put Him in a Zoo
The quest to live on the moon began centuries ago even before the first historic to the moon in 1969. While most government-owned and commercial agencies are working towards building a lunar colony, a...
What Is String Theory? A Scientist Explains Using Realistic Examples
What is String Theory? Many science enthusiasts have been struggling to understand the concept of this theory. Professor Brian Randolph Greene, an American theoretical physicist and mathematician, used...
Illusionist David Copperfield Announces His 30-Year Plans to Make The Moon Disappear In February 2024
On October 27, Illusionist David Copperfield announced his plans to make the moon disappear. How could this be possible, technologically? Well, Copperfield is known for making the Status of Liberty disappear...
What Will The Future Of Humanity Look Like A Million Years from Now? Physicist Explains
What will the future of humanity look like in a million years from now? This popular question has many futurists and physicists thinking about it. During a recent interview, Brian Edward Cox, an English...
Astronaut Captures Image of a Glowering Skull Hidden In A Giant Volcanic Pit In The Sahara
NASA recently released a creepy image of a skull that looks like a glower from the heart of a massive volcanic pit located in Chad. The American Space Agency revealed that an unnamed astronaut took the...
Create the Universe
God Did Not Create The Universe, Stephen Hawking Explains
British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking is a renowned astrophysicist who has shared different opinions about the Universe. In his 2010 book titled “The Grand Design,” Hawking explains...
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