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How O’Neill Cylinder Will Be Built According to physicist Gerard K. O'Neill 
In 1976, American physicist Gerard K. O’Neill proposed a futuristic space settlement concept named the O’Neill cylinder in his book titled The High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space. Before the physicist...
Scientists Just Discovered That Tardigrade Proteins Slow Aging in Human Cells
Scientists at the University of Wyoming just discovered how tardigrade proteins slow aging in human cells and also survive in extreme conditions both on Earth and outer space. The researchers discovered...
South Koreans Build Artificial Sun That Is Seven Times Hotter Than The Sun
South Koreans have joined the world’s superpowers in creating an artificial sun that beats the sun’s temperature. Scientists at the Korea Institute of Fusion Energy (KFE) successfully built the Korea Superconducting...
SLIM Spacecraft Surviving Second Lunar Night Is A Sign That Our Technologies Will Thrive In All Lunar Surface Conditions
Lunar nights are terrifying and highly destructive to human-made technologies. However, Japan’s SLIM spacecraft recently survived the second lunar night after surviving the first one. Keep in mind that...
Breaking: SLIM Spacecraft Survives Its Second Lunar Night
Japan’s first-ever spacecraft to successfully land on the lunar surface has survived its second long cold lunar night. The SLIM spacecraft whose name is short for “Smart Lander for Investigating...
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NASA Picks These Three Powerful Science Instruments To Hunt Ice, Plant Trees, and Listen to Moonquakes During Artemis III Moon landing Mission
NASA recently announced its plan to advance human presence on the moon starting with its Artemis III crewed mission. The agency revealed the selection of its first science instruments that Artemis III...
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