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Halloween Asteroid Flew Past Earth 8 Years Ago
While the entire world was preparing for the Halloween celebration on Oct. 31, 2015, the Halloween asteroid made its closest approach to our home planet. Astronomers marvel at the visit made by a creepy-looking...
Jack-o'-lantern Nebula: The NASA's New Discovery with Spooky View
NASA announced the discovery of the Jack-o’-lantern Nebula with a spooky image on Halloween’s day a few years back. The American Space Agency revealed that this is one of the rarest kinds of nebulae...
Venus Had Tectonic Plates Just Like Earth Around 4.5 billion years ago, Scientists Discover
Astronomers recently published a study in Nature Astronomy suggesting that Venus once had tectonic plates around 4.5 billion years ago. The new study reveals that Venus, which is an infernal...
This Underwater Robot Is Helping Scientists To Gain Clarity of Antarctic Ice Melting
Antarctica, which is the coldest continent on our planet is losing its ice. Since this region is the world’s freezer, scientists are worried about the impact Antarctic ice melting will have on Earth. A...
Infrared Aurora on Uranus Confirmed For The First Time By Astronomers
Ever since astronomers began to observe the cosmos with modern sophisticated telescopes, they have never spotted infrared aurora on Uranus. However, scientists recently studied the archived data obtained...
Russian Cosmonauts Encounter Toxic Coolant 'Blob' While Inspecting Leaking Radiator On ISS Spacewalk
On Wednesday, (Oct. 25), two Russian Cosmonauts conducted a spacewalk outside the International Space Station to get an up-close view of a coolant leakage that was first spotted flowing from an external...
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