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International space station
How Does the International Space Station Produce Oxygen and Water?
Astronauts aboard the international space station do not need spacesuits to access breakable air. This implies that the space station is specially designed to provide humans with breathable and suitable...
does Mars have rings
Does Mars have rings? Here’s What Scientists discovered about the past and future of Mars with Saturn-like rings around it
Mars is one of the most fascinating planets in the solar system that has captured the attention of Earthlings. In fact, the red planet is currently the most explored planet since we began our space program...
Lunar Gateway
NASA announces the Progress Made on the Construction of Orbital Lunar Gateway
After NASA officially awarded Northrop Grumman a contract worth $935 million to build the first Habitation and Logistics Outpost (HALO) module for the Gateway on July 9, 2021, the company has been putting...
SpaceX Crew 5
NASA’s SpaceX Crew 5 Astronauts Will Fly to the International Space Station on October 5, Here’s How to Watch the Launch Physically and Virtually
NASA’s SpaceX Crew 5 astronauts will fly to the International Space Station aboard SpaceX Dragon Endurance spacecraft atop a new Falcon 9 booster on October 5. After the Launch Readiness Review is completed,...
Venus missions
Why Scientists think that we should Send Humans to Venus Missions Before Mars
Venus is a hellish planet in our own backyard. In fact, its scorching temperature is hot enough to dissolve lead and destroy our technologies. Venus’ clouds of sulphuric acid and crushing atmospheric pressure...
artificial gravity
Can We Actually Create Artificial Gravity in Space? A New Possibility
Artificial Gravity has remained a great idea explored only in sci-fi movies for years. But with the recent improvement and advancements in developing more sophisticated space technologies, we are on the...
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