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Newly discovered exoplanet
Newly Discovered Exoplanet with Strange Tilted Orbit Marvels Our Astronomers
Astronomers have continued to look deeper into interstellar space to discover distanced space worlds that are occupying the same galaxy as us. After astronomers recently discovered an exoplanet, named...
What is the biggest thing in the universe?
What is the biggest thing in the universe? Here’s what Scientists discovered about this
The observable universe we live in is so big that it accommodates billions upon billions of bodies. However, these celestial objects are not of the same size, as some tend to appear bigger than others....
Axiom Space Suit
NASA Picks Houston Based Aerospace company to Make Axiom Space suit for first Artemis Moonwalkers
On Wednesday, September 7, NASA announced that it has contracted Axiom Space to build spacesuits for Astronauts that will participate in Artemis 3 moon landing mission. The goal of NASA under the Artemis...
Drake Equation
Frank Drake, The Founder of the Drake equation dies at 92; Here’s how his discoveries advanced the search for Extraterrestrial lifeforms
Frank Drake, the American astrophysicist, and radio astronomer died on September 2 at 92. Drake is best known for his work on the search for extraterrestrial lifeforms on other planets. He also made other...
Manned Space Missions
SpaceX Wins New NASA Contract Worth $1.4 Billion- Here’s Why NASA entrusts SpaceX with its Manned Space Missions
On 31st August, NASA officially awarded SpaceX a contract of $1.4 billion to send five more astronauts and cargo to the International Space Station. NASA officials announced that the missions are planned...
Saturn is losing its rings
Saturn is Losing Its Rings Fast, And They May Disappear Completely- Should We be Worried?
Saturn is the only planet that stood out from the rest in the solar system because of its iconic rings. However, a recent NASA study discovered that Saturn’s rings are disappearing at an extremely...
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