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China Tests Nuclear Reactor ‘Shrinkable’ Engine For Mars Spaceship, This Could Help to Reduce Travel Time to Mars to Only Three Months
Chinese engineers have reportedly built a new 1.5-megawatt “shrinkable” fission nuclear reactor, according to South China Morning Post (SCMP). The team claimed the new reactor could help China in building...
Citizen scientists and AI Just Discovered 430,000 New Galaxies
While many industries are using the growing trends of artificial intelligence, scientists are taking advantage of it to make new fascinating astronomical discoveries for humankind. Citizen scientists and...
Two Space tourism Companies Are Offering Luxury Dining Experience on Edge of Space for $500,000
Private space companies SpaceVIP and Space Perspective have collaborated to offer a fine dining experience on the edge of space. However, this fascinating experience actually comes with a price. The companies...
China Working To Use Giant Rail Gun to Launch Hypersonic Planes Into Space
A team of Chinese researchers is reportedly building a giant electromagnetic rail gun to send hypersonic planes into space. The report revealed that the space plane would be more massive than a Boeing...
How Gemini Spacecraft Achieved The First-Ever Space Docking in 1966
Docking a spacecraft to another spacecraft in the weightless environment of space was only studied in theories and science fiction until when Gemini did the impossible in the 1960s. On March 16, 1966,...
Starship will take humanity to Mars, Says Elon Musk As He Celebrates The Success of Starship's Third Test Flight
Going to Mars is considered one of the most complex milestones for humanity. However, with the successful test flight of the SpaceX starship yesterday, the world may be moving closer to landing humans...
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