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A Brief History of Telescopes Starting From Invention To Current Designs of Modern Telescopes
The history of telescopes began centuries ago. The first known record of a telescope was traced back to the Netherlands in 1608. Historians revealed that a patent was filed by Middelburg eyeglass manufacturer,...
homemade telescope
A 12-Year-Old Boy Builds a homemade Telescope That Can Observe the Surface of The Moon, Using only Wires and a Few Cans of Soft Drink
Most modern telescopes are made with highly sophisticated materials such as steel, zinc alloys, and a lot more. However, Malick Ndiaye, a 12-year-old boy from Senegal, West Africa decided to think outside...
quake on Mars
Scientists Discover the Source of The Largest Quake on Mars Ever Recorded
A team of international researchers recently worked together to uncover the strange source that triggered the most massive quake on Mars ever recorded on the red planet. Generally, Mars quakes are seismic...
fastest human made object
NASA's Parker Solar Probe Smashes Existing Record for Fastest Human Made Object
After setting the record for the fastest human made object, the NASA Parker Solar Probe broke its record again. On September 27, the space probe traveled at a tremendous speed of 394,736 mph/ (635,266...
life on this Earth
Advanced Alien Civilization Could Soon Detect Life on this Earth, Scientists Reveal
Scientists have always wondered if we occupy this vast universe with other civilizations. However, if there are any other civilizations out there, they will possibly detect our existence anytime soon....
advanced civilization
How Our Generation Will Move From Baby Civilization To More Advanced Civilization Before 2100
Despite every technological advancement that we have today, we are still referred to as a baby civilization. But why baby civilization if you may ask? Modern scientists and futurists rate the growth of...
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