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crashed into the moon
Russia Luna-25's first moon landing in 47 years Crashed into The Moon
Russia’s first moon landing mission in 47 years ended in a crash on Saturday, August, 19. The spacecraft flew out of control and crashed into the moon. Roscosmos launched the spacecraft on August 10 from...
Neptune clouds
Neptune Clouds Are Disappearing and Could Have Been Caused By Sun's solar cycle
Scientists recently discovered a strange anomaly on Neptune. During a recent scientific study, astronomers noticed that Neptune clouds are vanishing. This is the first time researchers are noticing the...
theories of gravity
New Study Opposes Einstein and Newton's Theories of Gravity
Gravity is known as the force that a planet or other body uses in drawing objects toward its center. In fact, gravity has kept Earth and other planets in orbital motion around the Sun. Despite the role...
private space stations
NASA Working to Actively Operate Private Space Stations Before ISS Retires in 2030
NASA and its international partners are looking towards retiring the International Space Station in 2030. However, the American space agency has commenced with its plans to continue human space exploration...
Martian life
Cylindrical Autonomous Drilling Bore Bot Could Finally Reach Buried Martian Life
Finding Martian life has remained one of the top priorities of astrobiologists across the world. Scientists have revealed that the south pole region of the Martian surface could be the best area to search...
brown dwarf star
Astronomers Discover a Brown Dwarf Star Hotter Than The Sun
In a recent study, Astronomers studied a brown dwarf star orbiting a white dwarf to discover that it has a surface temperature of about 8,000 kelvins (K). Keep in mind that our Sun has a surface temperature...
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