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Interstellar object
The Speed Of Interstellar Object Oumuamua Is Helping Astronomers To Tell Where It Actually Came From
Astronomers have been able to determine where the interstellar object Oumuamua came from and its properties using the speed at which it entered our solar system. Astronomers have detected only two Interstellar...
water on the moon
A Giant Mirror Could Be All That Astronauts Need To Fetch Water On The Moon, Scientists Suggest In A New Study
Humans cannot survive without water both on Earth and outside Earth. Since we already have abundant water on Earth, scientists are seriously researching how we can provide future colonists with enough...
magnetar star
Astronomers Just Discovered A Strange Slow Neutron Star That Challenges Our Understanding of Magnetar Stars
Researchers recently spotted a neutron star with unique magnetic field ejecting its energy more sluggishly than other discovered neutron stars. Scientists classify this newly spotted object as a unique...
rocket debris
Mysterious Rocket Debris Found in Australian Beach by the Australian Space Agency
On Monday, July 17, the Australian Space Agency tweeted an image that looks like the debris of a foreign Space launch vehicle near Jurien Bay, a coastal town in Western Australia. This mysterious rocket...
Mars Express
Mars Express Orbiter captures tiny Earth and Moon from the red planet
An image taken by the Mars Express spacecraft in 2003 as it leaves the Earth and the moon in 2003 (Image credit: ESA)A breathtaking view of Earth and the Moon was recently captured as tiny dots in Mars...
Apollo 11 crew
How Apollo 11 Crew Commenced Their Journey To The Moon, Here’s How This Bold Step Is Inspiring The Future of Humanity Outside Earth
For centuries, humans have lived their everyday life imagining what lies out there on other celestial bodies. But on July 16, 1969, NASA was confident enough to launch NASA astronauts, Buzz Aldrin, Neil...
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