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comet c/2022 e3
Comet Not Seen in 50,000 Years Set to Fly Past Earth, Here’s How to Watch the Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) make its closest Approach to Earth
Since we began modern sky-watching with more advanced telescopes and binoculars, we have witnessed a dozen of comets fly over Earth’s sky. However, a once-in-50,000-years comet is heading in our direction....
fifth dimension
Scientists Think That They Have Discovered the Portal to the Fifth Dimension in a New Study
While we live our everyday life in the space of three dimensions, some scientists anticipate researching hypothetical particles that may serve as a gateway to a warped fifth-dimensional space. The researchers...
alien civilizations
Four Malicious Alien Civilizations May Be Living in the Milky Way Galaxy, New Study Suggests
Are we sharing our home galaxy with other malicious alien civilizations? The Milky Way Galaxy is one of the spiral galaxies that houses billions of stars, planets, black holes, moons, asteroids, and other...
Is time travel possible?
Is time Travel Possible? Here's Why Our Descendants will not Visit us in 2023 from the future
Is time travel possible? Imagine waking up tomorrow with a knock on your door, and the visitor claims to be your descendant from a thousand years into the future. You will definitely doubt the visitor...
dwarf planet
Hubble Space Telescope Discovers This Moon Orbiting the Second Brightest Dwarf Planet of the Kuiper Belt
The Kuiper belt is one of the most unique regions in the solar system housing hundreds of thousands of icy bodies larger than 100 km and trillions of comets. Astronomers estimate that over 200 dwarf planets...
Is there life on Mars
Is there Life on Mars? A NASA Scientist Answers this Question in a New Video
Since we commenced with a robotic exploration of Mars in the mid-20th century, Scientists have always wondered if there is life on Mars. To answer this question, space agencies have continued to launch...
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