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NASA loses contact with its Mars Ingenuity helicopter
On January 19, NASA announced that it lost contact with its 4-pound (1.8 kilograms) Mars Ingenuity Helicopter. The agency announced after the chopper completed its 72nd flight on the red planet on Jan....
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These Three Planets Used to Have Life in Our Solar System
Billions of years ago, when our solar system was just in its infant stage, three planets used to provide a habitable environment to sustain life. These three planets include Earth, Venus, and Mars. However,...
Peregrine Moon Lander Just Safe Crashed into Earth's Atmosphere as Astrobotic Loses Contact with it
Astrobotic earlier announced that the Peregrine moon lander was heading towards Earth’s atmosphere to safely crash on January 18. The company that launched the lunar lander announced that the spacecraft...
SpaceX to launch private Ax-3 mission on Jan. 18
On January 17, SpaceX will launch private astronauts on an Ax-3 mission to the International Space Station (ISS). The spacecraft will commence its journey to the orbiting laboratory from NASA’s Kennedy...
What would happen if Earth stopped spinning? Scientists Explain
Earth, our home planet for 4.5 billion years has been spinning around its axis. Even though we cannot feel its spin, the blue planet still continues to rotate silently. But what would happen if Earth stopped...
How Yuri Gagarin Became the First Human in Space
Who is the first human in space? Sending humans to Space was actually a challenging task during the early space race. However, the Soviet Union decided to break this record by sending one of its Soviet...
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