Elon Musk Says That SpaceX Starships Will Commence Monthly Flights into Space After August: Are we Close to Reaching Mars?

After SpaceX successfully stacked Starship SN20 atop Booster BN4, the whole world has been looking forward to when this gigantic spaceship will commence its journey to the stars. Despite creating a new record by becoming the most sophisticated spaceship of our time, SpaceX is yet to conduct an orbital test flight on the rocket as the commercial space agency awaits Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval.

But there is good news. But what did FAA find out from their observation? Will SpaceX meet the requirements of the FAA? When is the Starship Going to Mars? This article will enlighten you on the observations of the FAA and how SpaceX is planning its first orbital flight. Let’s dig in.

How Federal Aviation Administration Concluded Observations on SpaceX Starship Orbital Launch from Boca Chica

Before any commercial organization launches a newly designed spaceship, they need approval from the FAA. The Federal Aviation Administration makes a series of observations, especially the environmental impact of the launch, to ensure that people living around the launch site will not be affected in any way.

After SpaceX successfully stacked its gigantic starship SN20 atop booster BN4 on 6 August 2021, the agency has been waiting for FAA approval to commence the first orbital test flight of the history-breaking spaceship. Keep in mind that SpaceX starship SN20 is the most sophisticated spaceship humans have ever built.

For the agency to launch this advanced spaceship into orbit, a lot of studies needs to be conducted for the safety of people and the environment. It took the FAA months to conduct the environmental review on the Starship Boca Chica. However, after a long time of inspection, the FAA finally granted the request the space agency has been looking up to for months.

On 13 June 2022, FAA approved SpaceX starship orbital test flight, only if they can abide by its 75 actions to reduce the environmental impact of the launch. Some of these 75 actions include the following, SpaceX will monitor its launch site lighting to guarantee the safety of sea turtles, provide more advanced notice to the closure of the roads leading to the starbase, and superheavy launch sites, clean up on the local Boca Chica Beach every quarter and others.

Although some of these rules are quite strict, SpaceX is confident in meeting all of the terms before commencing with the first orbital test flight. The space agency celebrated this milestone with this tweet.

Once SpaceX meets with these 75 mitigations, the FAA will issue the agency a launch license to commence with the first orbital test flight. But when is the first orbital flight of the superheavy coming up? You will find out in the next section of this article.

When will the SpaceX Starship Commence with the Orbital Test Flight?

Before SpaceX sends the superheavy starship into space, the agency needs to obtain a launch license from the FAA. However, the FAA has outlined the 75 mitigation actions the agency will take before receiving the launch license.

Elon Musk, the CEO and founder of SpaceX revealed that the first orbital flight of the Starship will be coming by next month, July. He made this announcement with this tweet.

Elon Musk also revealed that SpaceX Starship will also fly into space in August, before commencing with monthly flights into space.

Earlier this year, Elon Musk predicted that the starship Superheavy will fly before the year runs out. With the approval of the FAA, everyone could see that Elon Musk’s prediction is about to become a reality. From the look of things, SpaceX is prepared to provide solutions to the 75 mitigation actions as requested by the FAA within the next couple of weeks.

This will enable the space agency to reach an agreement with the FAA and obtain its launch license before commencing on the first orbital flight in July. Keep in mind that Elon Musk is known to be a man of his words. The legendary rocket man has been looking forward to seeing his groundbreaking starship fly into space.

With the approval of the FAA, SpaceX could see its chances of flying the super heavy for the first time and reaching a greater milestone in space exploration.

When is SpaceX Starship Going to Mars?

With the FAA approval, everyone could see the possibility of the Starship passing the orbital test flight in July. The outcome of this test flight will surely determine the next bold step for SpaceX. Keep in mind that Elon Musk founded SpaceX in 2002 hoping to make humans a multi-planetary civilization.

Even 20 years after establishing the company, Elon Musk is still confident in sending humans to Mars someday in the future. In March 2022, Musk predicted that the first humans will likely land

on Mars in 2029. Attaining this milestone will highly depend on the success of the SpaceX superheavy test flight. But with the success of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, the future of starship superheavy is already looking promising. The starship will surely send humans to the moon, Mars, and beyond.


Thank you for reading about the FAA approval of the starship and SpaceX’s plans for the starship. Since Elon Musk has announced that the starship will fly into space in July 2022, we should all look forward to this historic launch.

The outcome of the test flight will determine the next milestone SpaceX will accomplish with its starship. Let’s wish SpaceX and Elon Musk success in their plans for Starship super heavy.

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