How Colonization of Mars May Move Us Closer to Achieving Immortality

Colonization of Mars has remained the top priority of space agencies for decades. However, government-owned space agencies are not the only bodies interested in setting such a milestone for humanity. Elon Musk founded SpaceX as a commercial aerospace company with the primary goal of reaching Mars with his sophisticated space ships.

The tech billionaire has built sophisticated spaceships to enable humanity to attain such a milestone before the mid of 21st century. Based on the effort and space rockets built by SpaceX, we all could see the future of humanity on the moon, Mars, and beyond. What if colonization of Mars before the end of this century unlocks the mystery of immortality? Why should humans even think of living forever? Can we ever become immortals? Continue reading to find answers to these questions and more.

When did Humans Became Interest in Immortality?

Humanity develops a special interest in achieving immortality thousands of years ago. Even though ancient human civilizations cannot achieve immortality, they succeeded in preserving the bodies of ancient rulers to last for thousands of years. Ancient mummification was the first step humanity took toward achieving immortality. On September 19, 1991, German hikers discovered the naturally mummified remains of Otzi the Iceman. Scientists closely analyzed the remains and concluded that the Iceman lived and passed away in the European Alps around 5,200 years ago.

Up to date, Otzi, the Iceman’s body remains the oldest mummified remains of the human body ever discovered. However, preserving the bodies of dead humans to last for thousands of years does not mean that we have achieved immortality. Becoming immortals simply means that we have broken boundaries and preserved the consciousness of light to the end of time. Many scientists in the 21st century strongly believed that humanity will attain immortality in the future. Maybe, our move to colonize Mars will unlock the door of impossibilities.

Why Colonization of Mars May Open the Door to Immortality

Unlike Earth, living on Mars will be terrifying for future Martians. In fact, scientists have revealed that Antarctica during the Winter season is far more hospitable than Mars. Despite the hostile environment of the Martian surface, we are still determined to send humans to the red planet and possibly colonize it before the end of this century.

But can we survive on Mars? NASA, SpaceX, CNSA, and other space agencies that are interested in sending humans to Mars are already researching technologies that will keep astronauts safe as they explore the Martian surface. These technologies include highly advanced space ships to reach Mars faster, highly protective spacesuits, 3D printing devices, Inflated heat shields, steady power supply, Laser communications, and more. SpaceX, NASA, and CNSA are already hoping to put humans on Mars before 2040.

If we successfully achieve this milestone, plans to colonize the red planet will commence officially. If we must make humans permanent citizens on Mars before 2100, we have to explore technologies that will give humans extra abilities to live longer and continue exploration on Mars. Achieving immortality through science will become the common goal for humanity before the end of this century.

Scientists are currently exploring many ideas that will enable humanity to become immortals and live forever. Technologies that we may perfect to achieve immortality include Digital immortality, anti-aging genetic engineering, cryonics, and many others. We also need these fascinating technologies to protect our astronauts from the hostile environment of Mars and keep them stronger while they advance our explorations on the red planet.

How has space exploration helped us?

Space exploration has enabled humanity to invent fascinating technologies that improved life on Earth. To be specific, we invented Artificial limbs, DustBusters, Firefighting equipment, solar cells, scratch-resistant lenses, Insulin pumps, and other helpful technologies from the idea of exploring space. But unlike our past inventions, landing on Mars before 2040 will open the door for humanity to explore new ideas of invention.

Because if successfully land humans on Mars before the mid of this century, we will see the need to send other set Martian explorers to visit the red planet again. Scientists are exploring new ideas to provide martian astronauts with oxygen, food, water, and other basic needs. But these basic needs will not be the only need for humanity on the red planet.

They also need technologies that will extend their life on the red planet. If we perfect these technologies that will likely make us immortal in the future, we should be looking forward to advancing technologically as a civilization.


Mars colonization is about to become a reality in the near future. With the effort made by space agencies, we should be expecting our astronauts to explore the Martian surface with fascinating technologies. Some of these technologies may even make future Martians and Earthlings live forever. However, we are still decades away from making this future a reality. But one thing is certain. If we can reach this level of advancement, we should expect the next generation to take our advancement to a different level. What do you think about humans living forever from the knowledge that we acquired from Mars Colonization?

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1 thought on “How Colonization of Mars May Move Us Closer to Achieving Immortality”

  1. I would like point out the reason for exploring and living on Mars. The next time you are thinking is the asteroid going to hit Earth and what impact will it have on Earth, will the country launch nuclear war heads, is global warming ever going to flood certain nations, will we overcome a deadly disease, humans will have another option and ultimately it creates a new world and humans become a multi planetary species. Mars is dependable, resourceful and has water. Most of us will be older and spending their limited time and energy on other projects when Mars becomes fully integrated and inhabitable , however the younger generation will have a brand new world to inspire and plan. Most importantly, Mars will have a certain type of human , the process will be selective at first. Martians will select humans that rarely feel anger and have a want to protect and help people. They will be kind and help each other develop and they will accept that things will go wrong and will accept things going wrong as part of life, especially on Mars. Humans on Mars will not have aggressive behavior however they will be fearless as they must communicate with possible aliens. It has not been proven however I believe Mars is a world surrounded by alien civilization and in Mars the technology to communicate will be there.
    Hostile undomesticated humans with anger, violence, and greediness will not be accepted on Mars. Overall optimistic humans and especially the ones that keep striving for Mars to develop because Mars will eventually become inhabited with 100,000 humans. All this eventually leads to longevity.

    Longevity is extremely possible and the system that will win in the aging process is one that effects your DNA. Our cells in the body get old and when the cells get old they wither away and the new technology will repair the damaged cells and Mars will have this technology without all the problems Earth brings.

    Mars shares the vision with the world and she is ready to illuminate us with her beautiful nature and its in all of our souls and body and mind to reach the elevated spiritual area of Mars. With the intellectual fine imaginational mind and the help of NASA and you tube, humans can all perceive and penetrate the areas of phobos 🌙
    Deimos 🌙
    and the ground area too .

    The galaxies and universe is the
    area the angels live and it is extremely glorious. I’m so pleased at the marvelous You Tube landscape of Mars too.

    The next time you walk outside look up at the stars and the sky and imagine there is whole new universe to be explored. Simply doing that regularly, regardless of your age will add longevity .Our solar system and all the planets only amount to approximately 4 percent of what is truly the Universe soul.

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