How does the Sun Sustain Life on Earth?

Without the presence of the Sun in the solar system, no living species could have evolved in this part of the universe. So how does the sun sustain life on earth? 

Despite playing a role in holding the solar system together, the sun also supplies the only habitable planet with its territory with energy, light, and abundant resources. Energy from the sun often arrives on earth in the form of sunlight. 

This sunlight supplies plants with photosynthesis, humans with vitamin D, regulates the earth’s temperature and performs other numerous functions. In fact, you cannot imagine life on earth without the sun. 

The energy we receive from the sun is incomparable. Several studies have revealed that life could have not evolved on earth without the Sun. So when next you step out of your home, make out time to appreciate the presence of the Sun over your roof. 

How much energy does the Earth get from the sun? 

About 173,000 terawatts (i.e. trillions of watts) of solar energy have continued to reach the Earth’s surface. To break this down, the US Department of Energy revealed that about 430 quintillion Joules of solar energy strikes the earth every hour. 

This estimation is above 10,000 times the amount of total energy used on earth. Keep in mind that solar energy is 100 percent renewable. This implies that we will not harm our planet when we use solar energy to energize the world. 

Several scientists have revealed that we cannot exhaust the renewable from the sun through its lifespan. Hence, if we figure out how to convert and use the entire energy from the sun, we may not see the need to rely on other sources of energy to power our world. 

Keep in mind that if we can harness enough solar energy from the sun, we can comfortably become a type 2 civilization. As a type 2 civilization, we will possess the ability to build supercomputers, advanced rocketry vehicles, and invent other futuristic technologies to reach another space world. 

Becoming a type 2 civilization. Before we become a type 2 civilization, we must have reached the milestone of becoming a type 1 civilization. Based on our current level of harnessing energy from Earth, we are still referred to as a type 0.7 civilization. Keep in mind that we will continue to improve with time. 

So, we currently lack technologies to harness all the solar energy. Although some researchers are working tirelessly to create advanced technologies to tap and store more energy from the sun, we are still years ahead from harnessing the entire energy from the sun. 

But with the rate at which we are progressing technologically, we should be able to invent advanced technologies that can harness more energy from the sun. For the main time, we continue to rely on the little amount of energy we obtain from the sun to improve our lifestyle on earth. 

We should all believe that future technologies can make it possible for humanity to tap more energy from the sun.


We cannot deny the fact that the energy from Sun has continued to sustain life on earth. Keep in mind that we also rely on solar energy to power some advanced technologies, including the International Space Station. But we still have to discover more ways to tap more energy from the Sun.

If we figure out how to tap more energy from the Sun on earth, future martian astronauts will use this concept to get more energy from the sun on Mars. Do you believe that future technologies will give the ability to tap more energy from the Sun?

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  1. Mankind is an emulous creation of the sun “Helios” the design of this emaciation is carved into the physic of the body…. RW..

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