How this 18-Year-Old Recreates the Entire Universe in a Minecraft

The idea of building an entire universe in Minecraft appears like an impossible task to accomplish. However, a young YouTuber named ChrisDaCow took the bold step to replicate the entire universe in Minecraft. But how did Chris build our Cosmos in Minecraft? Is this a sign that we may be living in a simulation? Continue reading to learn more.

How ChrisDaCow built the Entire Universe in a Minecraft

ChrisDaCow recently published a video showing step by step process of how he successfully built our entire universe using Minecraft. At the beginning of the video, Chris announced his intention with these words, “This is the Universe, home to the most powerful spectacles in existence, and I’m about to build it in Minecraft. I mean everything from the smallest planets to the entire universe itself.”

Building Earth in Minecraft

image Credit: ChrisDaCow

ChrisDaCow began his journey by skydiving from a plane to capture a fascinating view of our home planet Earth. However, he could not observe our entire planet from his skydiving experience. Hence, he used the globe to get the exact mapping of the Earth. When recreating Earth in Minecraft,  Chris included the exact colors of every jungle, desert, and ocean.

It took him Almost three days to complete the design of Earth. He even went further to create a space light that is not available in normal Minecraft. Chris planned to make Earth and other planets 700,000 times smaller to fit them perfectly in Minecraft. At this small detail, it will take a single Minecraft block of around 5 days to walk around each planet.

Building Saturn and other Gas Giants in Minecraft

Image Credit: ChrisDaCow

After completing the design of Earth, he proceeded to make other planets in the solar system. Since every other planet was tilted, Chris was mandated to build every detail of these planets at an angle. But when he got to Saturn, Chris experienced some challenges in replicating the rips of Saturn in Minecraft. He spent an entire day tilting all of its entire rings. But then, he got a satisfactory outcome from the design. After completing Saturn, Chris proceeded to build other gas giants in deep space with their fascinating ring systems.

Building Sun Minecraft

Image Credit: ChrisDaCow

After completing the solar system, ChrisDaCow proceeded to make plans for the Sun.

“But now it’s time for massive energy that is a thousand times larger than the biggest planet I build so far,” ChrisDaCow said, “It’s so large that you can fit Earth in a single block,” Chris said these words to unveil his plans for the Sun.”My goal for the Sun is that I wanted it to look like a hot radioactive death,” he added.

Chris used the brightest blocks in Minecraft to make the Sunshine so bright. He also included gigantic solar flares emanating from the Sun’s surface. The essence of the solar flare is to make the Sun appears so lively and hot. At the completion of the Sun’s design,  Chris was able to complete the design of the solar system in Minecraft.

Chris’s intention was not to build only the solar system in Minecraft.  But instead, he wanted to replicate the entire universe. He began to study the most popular space pictures. He was fascinated with the beauty of the pillar of creation. So he decided to recreate it in Minecraft.

Pillar of Creation in Minecraft

Image Credit: ChrisDaCow

To make the pillar of Creation, Chris deployed the same measurement he used in creating Earth to map out the outline for the pillar of Creation. After the outline, Chris proceeded to make a massive cloud of space dust to form the pillars. He made the Pillar of Creation to become 1175 times larger than the entire solar system he built earlier in Minecraft. Chris got a clear detail of the pillar by including the lighting, the stars, the clouds, the glowing background, and much more. He spent almost two days completing the design of this gigantic object.

Building a supermassive black hole in Minecraft

Image Credit: ChrisDaCow

After completing the design of the pillar of Creation, Chris proceeded to create a supermassive black hole. He decided to replicate the supermassive blackhole shown in the movie interstellar. He spent 5 hours planning how to make the supermassive blackhole on paper before proceeding with the actual design.

“I was basically trying to build an object that bends light itself,” he explains ” it’s not like you can just move around a black hole and see the other side of its glowing disc. No, the whole thing is just gonna warp. Meaning I was building something that should be literally impossible.”

He began the design by building a glowing disc that bent around a black hole. Chris carefully replicated the three discs of the black hole. He first made two discs that are completely different in size. Chris spent nearly eight hours attempting to build the curve of a black hole. After making several attempts that failed, he finally got it right using hundreds of lines as a perfect slope. He made the black hole appear brighter than billions of Suns. This implies that the black hole will become the brightest object in the entire Minecraft universe.

Building Cluster of Galaxies in Minecraft

Image Credit: ChrisDaCow

Before ChrisDaCow commenced with building clusters of galaxies, he hiked the highest peak of a mountain and observed the fascinating beauty of the night sky with no light pollution. After making his observations, Chris returned and began with the designs of galaxies. He spent hours attempting to match the swirl of a single galaxy in his Minecraft.

“So here is my plan,” he explains, “I’m going to start the center with the darkest colors and work my way out.”

After making an attempt, he got a cobweb of dark spinning gas around the center. He later used it to build the galaxy’s brightest arms. After many trials, he successfully completed the first galaxy. From this point, be built galaxies upon galaxies, until he successfully built clusters of galaxies. He scattered them throughout the Minecraft Cosmos until the entire space is almost occurred by galaxies. Chris explain that nearly the light of a trillion stars were swirling across his newly built Minecraft universe.

Building the Entire Universe in Minecraft

Image Credit: ChrisDaCow

Upon completing the design every cosmic object that made up the Universe, Chris decided to create the entire universe in his Minecraft.

“We essentially need to build a giant glowing bubble,” he explains, ” when you zoom this far out, the universe will look like a giant cobweb of connections.” While making these plans, Chris never realize that it would take more than a week to build the entire universe alone. “I started with the brightest that would shine through the universe and worked my way out slowly creating every galactic intersection in our universe,” Chris concluded.

He finished the lightning and put the Universe into perfect shape. ChrisDaCow spend over a month working on this project, and the good news is that his hard work later paid off as the work went viral and got a lot of attention.

Watch the full video here.

Is this a sign that we may be living in a simulation?

Many scientists believed that the universe may be a computer simulation built by an advanced civilization. While we are yet to figure prove to support this theory, ChrisDaCow has shown that it can be possible to build a universe in a computer simulation. However, we will uncover more facts about this theory in the future.


ChrisDaCow has shown the possibility of building the entire Universe in Minecraft. This discovery is actually unique and interesting. We should be expecting more fascinating projects from this talented Youtuber in the future. What do you think about this idea?

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