How to Celebrate International Observe the Moon Night 2022 with NASA on Saturday, October 1

The international observe the moon night was established as an annual worldwide event that offers unique opportunities for observing celestial bodies, learning about lunar science, and other interesting facts about the moon. During last year’s event, over 500,000 people participated from over 122 countries across the continent. If you are fascinated with the existence of the moon, you should consider participating in tomorrow’s International celebration. You can participate in the event by observing the moon with family and friends, or you can preferably watch it online from your home.

How you can celebrate International Observe the Moon Night 2022 with NASA International Observe the Moon Night 2022 with NASA

For this year’s celebration, NASA has planned both physical and virtual events which you can attend today across the globe. You can verify if NASA is hosting this special event near your location. Check their event page to find out if your location is from NASA’s event page. However, when you cannot attend the physical event, you can still be part of this celebration virtually and enjoy a fascinating view of the moon from the NASA moon Livestream.

How to Participate in International Observe the Moon Night 2022

NASA has provided a guideline that will direct people on how to participate in the international observe the moon night 2022. You can visit NASA’s website and register on the provided form. You can sign up as a host of this event in your community, or you can register as an individual. This event can be hosted in person, virtual or hybrid.

Once you registered your participation, you will be added to the map of lunar observers worldwide. Your registration will enable you to connect with other lunar enthusiasts globally. NASA has also provided Viewing, Photography, Activity, and Moon Maps guides to direct you on this year’s International Observe the Moon Night. You can check out NASA’s guidelines to get the best experience from this event.

When Will NASA Commence with the moon Livestream Event

NASA will commence with the moon Livestream event starting at 7 p.m. EDT (2300 GMT) on Oct. 1. During this event, NASA officials will discuss lunar science and exploration in the past years and future missions. You will also be learning what is on the horizon from the live streaming event. You can also watch the event live on NASA TV.

International Observe the Moon Night 2022 is funded by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) mission and the Solar System Exploration Division of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland with additional sponsorship from many partners. NASA’s LRO was launched on June 18, 2009. Since it commences with this mission, the spacecraft has obtained important data using its seven sophisticated instruments. Our knowledge about the moon was significantly improved by the contribution of LRO.

Virtual Telescope Project Livestream

Virtual Telescope Project will also be live streaming the moon today during a broadcast. The Livestream will officially commence at 1:30 p.m. EDT (1730 GMT) on Youtube and the WebTV page. As you watch this event, keep in mind that you are observing the moon above the skyline of Rome.


As we getting ready to launch Artemis 1 to the moon soon, we have to observe our neighboring celestial body and learn more fascinating facts about its existence. The Artemis space program will return humans to the moon and create a pathway for humanity to reach Mars. If everything worked according to plan, Artemis will surely open the gateway for humanity to reach distanced space world in the future. You should make out time to participate in this live event and get the best out of it.

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