International Youth Day 2022: How Youths Will Revolutionize Space Exploration in the future

The youths are the backbone of the growth and development of any society. Most technologies that we enjoy were invented by youth. As we begin to take a bold step into the Cosmos, we need more brilliant inventions to reach this milestone. The entire future of space exploration deeply relies on today’s youth for success. How will the Youth revolutionize the future of space exploration? What is the International Youth Day 2022 all about? Are we about to embrace another level of space exploration? Continue reading to find answers to these questions.

International Youth Day 2022 Theme and History

The idea to recognize International Youth Day was first proposed in 1991 during the World Youth Forum of the United National System. However, in 1999, the General Assembly widely accepted the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth suggestion in 1991. The General Assembly concluded that 12 August yearly would be meant to celebrate International Youth Day.

A special theme is developed every year during this celebration to help the youth improve and become better versions of themselves. The theme for International Youth Day 2022 is “Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages.”

This theme is created to inspire the youth and all ages towards greatness and reach more significant potential towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the future of humanity on earth and in deep space.

International Youth Day 2022: How the Youth Will Revolutionize the Future of Space Exploration

The inventions made by the youths in the past have inspired the youth of this generation to look towards building a sustainable future for the next generation. If humanity must colonize the Moon, Mars, and Beyond in the future, we need to look towards the youth and guide them on the right path towards achieving greatness. In a few decades, most astronauts exploring space today will retire.

Aside from the astronauts, scientists, engineers, astronomers, and other professionals contributing to the success of our astronomical observations and space explorations will also retire. Hence, today’s youth holds the key to the future of humanity in deep space. We are yet to invent several technologies that will guarantee permanent human presence on the moon, Mars, and beyond.

However, the resilient efforts of our youths will make the impossible to become possible in the future. With our highly sophisticated technologies, the world has only managed to reach 0.7 on the Kardashev Scale. Note that the Kardashev scale was invented by the Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev as a means of determining the technological advancement of any civilization based on the amount of energy they could consume.

Humanity attaining 0.7 on this scale simply means that we are still a baby civilization. Hence, we still need more sophisticated inventions and technologies to harness the entire energy of our home planet, Earth, before looking deep into the cosmos. When we harness the entire energy of our home planet, we will have the ability to convert Earthquakes, Tornadoes, and other devastating challenges into a source of energy.

Who are those that will contribute immensely to the growth of our civilization?

The youth will always be at the forefront of transforming the world with new inventions. With success we have accomplished so far, the youths may invent technologies that will make life much easier, provide cures to many diseases and prolong life in the 22nd century.


The International Youth Day 2022 should remind everyone to think differently about the future of humanity in deep space. If we must accomplish the impossible in the future, we need to rely on the energy, intelligence, creativity, and innovation of the youth. What do you think about the youths of today revolutionizing space exploration in the future?

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