NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Recently Captured A Spooky Green Lightning On Jupiter
Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system has never ceased to amaze us. In a recent observation, NASA’s Juno spacecraft captured mysterious green lightning on Jupiter. Scientists...
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Humans Are Pumping Out Excessive Amount Of Groundwater That Is Changing Earth Tilt
Scientists recently conducted a study that discovered that Earth tilt changed between 1993 and 2010 by 31.5 inches (approximately 80 centimeters). This change is due to the amount of...
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How Did Earth Get Water? New Study Reveals That It Was Sucked Up From Space
How did Earth get water? For decades, scientists have been conducting several studies to discover the origin of water on Earth. While several theories have been created to suggest the...
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Varda Space Industries Successfully Deploys the World’s First Space Factory
If we must grow as a civilization, we must find a way to build the impossible in space. A California-based firm named Varda Space Industries recently revealed that it has successfully...
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See What NASA’s Curiosity Discovered As It Drills A Hole On Mars
Since NASA Curiosity landed on Mars, it has made several significant discoveries on the red planet. Drilling a hole on Mars is one of the most fascinating scientific breakthroughs of...
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SpaceX Starship Problems May Likely Delay Artemis 3 Launch Date To 2026, NASA Says
After Apollo 17 mission to the moon in 1972, no human has ever set foot on the moon’s surface again. NASA is planning to send humans to the lunar surface during Artemis 3 mission aboard...
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Repeated signals From the Center of The Milky Way Could Be Aliens Saying Hello, New Study Suggests
Astronomers have been curious to find another civilization in the Milky Way. In a new study, scientists discover repeat signals from the center of the Milky Way. Researchers have begun...
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Are Aliens On Earth? Stanford Professor Says He Is 100% Sure That Aliens Are Already On Earth
Are Aliens on Earth? Many scientists were fascinated by this question. While many still doubt the existence of extraterrestrials, a Stanford Professor is confident that aliens are already...
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Scientists Find Mysterious Cosmic Filaments At The Heart Of Milky Way Galaxy
For decades, astrophysicists have been studying the Milky Way to understand its nature. One of these astrophysicists is Farhad Yusef-Zadeh. But unlike most astrophysicists, Yusef-Zadeh...
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