Earth's Magnetotail Could Be Forming Water on The Moon, Scientists Discover in a new study
A team of astronomers led by the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa planetary scientist Shuai Li has made a discovery that helps in explaining the origin of water ice found in shadowed...
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James Webb Just Discovered Intriguing Evidence of a Sign of Life on Distant Planet K2-18b
NASA James Webb Space Telescope looked deep into interstellar space and spotted a planet with possible evidence of life. Scientists observed the data obtained from this observation...
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NASA Just Revealed the Results Of 2022 UFO Panel Study
In 2022, NASA contracted professionals to analyze data collected about unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP), famously known as UFOs. The American Space Agency organized the study...
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Hubble Space Telescope Finds 11-billion-year-old Galaxy Light Hidden in a Quasar's Glare
Astronomers used the Hubble Space Telescope to spot an 11-billion-year-old galaxy light hidden in a quasar’s glare. While making the discovery, the researchers deployed a tricky means...
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Asteroid Apophis Will Visit Earth in 2029. Here's Why Scientists Want NASA to Send a Probe To Visit The Spacerock First
Astronomers have discovered that asteroid Apophis will visit Earth in 2029. However, NASA’s Small Bodies Assessment Group wants the American Space Agency to send a space probe to the...
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Virgin Galactic Just Launched 2-Million-year-old Fossils of Human Ancestors to Space on Tourist Spaceflight
While the first human ancestors could not travel out of Earth and explore the Stars, Virgin Galactic just took two fossilized bones of ancient humans into space for the first time....
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NASA May Have Accidentally Found and Killed Alien Life on Mars 50 Years Ago, Scientist Suggest in A New Study
The quest to find life on Mars has remained one of the top priorities of space agencies on the red planet. However, despite the numerous efforts made by space agencies on the red planet,...
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Comet Nishimura Is About To Resurface Again This Month After 400 Years
After 400 years of moving away from our planet, Comet Nishimura is set to show up again this month, astronomers recently announced. The new bright comet will light up our sky across...
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Galactic Energy Successfully Launches China’s First Sea Rocket Launch
Galactic Energy, a Beijing-based private space company successfully launch satellites from the sea for the first time following the latest launch of its Ceres-1 rocket, a statement...
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