Scientists Discover A Multidimensional Universe Inside The Human Brain
Understanding the science of the human brain has remained one of the most complex challenges for our scientists. However, scientists have conducted a new study to understand how the...
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James Webb Space Telescope Captures Beautiful Rings Around Uranus, Here's Everything You Need To Learn About This Beautiful Image
NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) recently captured a stunning image of Uranus, revealing a beautiful icy ring around the ice giant. The image also shows Uranus’ dynamic...
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Meet the Four Artemis 2 Astronauts That Will Fly Around The Moon in 2024
On Monday, April 3, NASA officially announced the four astronauts that will fly around the moon during the Artemis 2 mission. The astronauts are the first humans to reach the lunar...
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How To Watch NASA Reveal Its Artemis 2 Moon Crew On Monday (April 3)
NASA and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) will reveal the names of the four astronauts who will be flying around the moon on the Artemis 2 mission. The event will be live-streamed from...
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Icy Rain from Saturn's rings is heating the gas giant's atmosphere, Scientists Discover In A New Study
Researchers recently discovered that icy rain coming from Saturn’s rings is heating the planet’s atmosphere. Scientists have never seen anything like this in the solar system before....
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Where Will Humanity Be In The Next 1000 Years?
In the next 1000 years, life, as we know it on Earth, will not remain the same. While some human population will remain on Earth enjoying the fascinating technologies our descendants...
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Astronomers Just Discovered The Largest Blackhole That Can Fit 30 Billion Suns
Scientists estimate that there may be about 100 billion supermassive black holes in the Universe. In a recent observation, astronomers discover the largest blackhole known to mankind....
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The Shape Of The Universe Might Be Like A Doughnut, Not Like A Pancake, New Study Suggests
The shape of the Universe we live in has remained a huge debate among scientists. Researchers previously agreed that the Universe is shaped like a pancake. But a new study seems to...
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Massive Solar Tornado The Height Of 14 Earths Recently Spotted On The Sun
Our Sun often generates solar tornadoes as one of its volatile occurrences in its atmosphere. However, Astronomers were fascinated with the huge amount of solar tornadoes recently spotted...
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