NASA Is About To Test Laser Communication System on the NASA Psyche Mission
NASA Psyche mission is about the change the game of communicating in deep space as the agency is preparing to conduct laser communication system tests during the mission. The American...
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Get Ready to Observe the Half Illuminated Moon During Its Last Quarter Phase Tonight
On Tuesday (August 8), the moon will attain its last quarter phase. During this astronomical event, the moon will remain half-illuminated by the sunlight. When will this celestial event...
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Mars days Are Shrinking, As The Red Planet Increases In Spin Speed, NASA discovers In A New Study
NASA recently studied the data provided by its InSight lander to conclude that Mars days are shrinking. The provided data revealed the exact measurements of the rotation of the red...
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Russia Set to Evacuate Town Due to The Risk of Rocket Falling Ahead of its Russian Lunar Lander Launch After 50 Years
After delaying the robotic Luna-25 mission for a long time, Russia recently scheduled to launch the mission on August 11, TASS, a Russian state media publication reports. Engineers...
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India's Chandrayaan-3 Lunar Rover Capture Its first Images of Moon as It Enters the Lunar Orbit
India’s Chandrayaan-3 lunar rover has just transmitted its first images of the moon as it entered the lunar orbit. On August 6, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) released these...
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3D Printed Heart on the International Space Station Could Help Astronauts Explore The Deep Space
If humans must explore deep space, scientists and space agencies have to figure out how to sustain the crew throughout the journey. Learning how to sustain every part of the human body...
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Watch the Mars Sample Return Mission Rocket Undergoing Testing in Preparation of its Lift off from the Surface of Mars
NASA Perseverance rover has collected samples of the Mars surface and stored them in its chamber. The American Space Agency is working on its Mars Sample Return Mission to bring back...
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Attaching a Sunshade to an Asteroid Could Be Innovative Approach to Slow Down Climate Change, Scientists Suggest
Climate Change is one of the most impactful disasters affecting billions of people across the globe. Scientists have discovered that climate change is heating up our planet and the...
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NASA Lost Contact With its Voyager 2 Spacecraft as the Probe Suffers Communication Breakdown in Interstellar Space, But There is Hope
On July 28, NASA announced that the Voyager 2 spacecraft, which is the second most distant man-made object in the deep space has paused communication with Earth. The American Space...
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