NASA Finally Solves Voyager 1 Data Glitch Mystery sent from 14.6 Billion Miles in Interstellar Space
For months, the Voyager 1 has continued to send junk data regarding its current health status to flight controllers on Earth. NASA was struggling to understand the mystery data sent...
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NASA Calls Off Artemis 1 Launch and Postpone it to Next Month
In the early hours of August 29th, the world was waiting for the Artemis 1 megarocket to lift off from its launch pad and commence its journey to the moon. However, NASA engineers experienced...
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How the Artemis Space Program Will Open the Door to Colonizing Moon and Mars
Today, August 29, at 12:33 UTC, the Artemis 1 megarocket will lift off from the Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Complex 39B to explore the moon and open the door to future Artemis...
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How to Watch NASA’s Artemis 1 Spacecraft Commences its Journey to the Moon in Less than 24 Hours
For the first time in the 21st century, humanity will be launching the most powerful space rocket to visit the moon under the Artemis 1 mission. NASA has invested enough time and resources...
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A New Study Reveals How Stars Like the Sun Consumes Planets Around their Orbits
The Universe is made up of billions of Galaxies including our Milky Way Galaxy. Scientists have discovered that the Milky Way Galaxies also house hundreds of billions of stars and planets....
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SpaceX lifts 33-engine Starship Starship Super Heavy Booster onto its Launch Pad for the First time
SpaceX is already planning its first orbital flight before the year runs out. To attain such a milestone, the space agency successfully placed its latest 33-engine Starship Super Heavy...
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James Webb Space Telescope Captures Glowing Images of Jupiter Auroras
Jupiter has remained one of the largest gas giants in the solar system with several mind-blowing features that have captured our interest. We have seen several unique images of Jupiter...
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Where is the Voyager 2 Now? How Voyager 2 is Still Active in Deep Space 45 Years After its Launch
On August 20th, 1977 at 14:29:00 UTC, the Voyager 2 spacecraft was launched atop the Titan IIIE space rocket as a part of the Voyager space program. NASA’s primary goal for this...
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This NASA-Designed Tool Will Allow You to Track Its Artemis 1 Mission in Real Time
NASA has earlier announced its plans to commence with the Artemis 1 mission on August 29th. However, the agency wants every viewer to track and enjoy every part of this mission starting...
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