Blue Origin Wins $3.4 Billion NASA Contract To Build Lunar Lander That Will Land Humans On The Moon
Blue Origin is one of the most popular commercial space agencies working on powerful space vehicles that will take humans to space, the moon, and beyond. The company recently won a...
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James Webb Space Telescope Spots Water Around A Mysterious Flying Comet
Whenever you hear of comets, you often assume that them to be composed of dust, rock, and ice flying through space without a specific destination. However, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope...
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Saturn Reclaims Its Moon Crown Title As Astronomers Recently Discovered 62 New Moons Of Saturn
Earlier this year, Jupiter was declared the moon king planet after astronomers 12 additional moons orbiting the largest gas giant in the solar system. That discovery increased Jupiter’s...
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NASA's Perseverance Rover Just Discovered A Wild Ancient Mars River System On The red planet
In a recent exploration on the Martian surface, NASA’s Perseverance rover discovered fresh evidence of a powerful Mars river system on the red planet. Unlike the previous observations,...
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How this Company Plans to be the First to Offer Marriage in Space Services to People
Have you ever imagined taking your wedding ceremony to space? If this has been your long-term goal, a company is here to offer such services to you. Jane Poynter, a co-founder of Space...
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Startup Boosts Small Spacecraft's Orbit By 1.86 Miles Using Water Propulsion
Momentus Space, a California-based startup recently released a press statement stating that the company has succeeded in raising the orbit of its Vigoride-5 spacecraft up to 1.86 miles...
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James Webb Space Telescope Shows Inner Structure Of First Asteroid Belt Found Beyond Our Solar System
Scientists recently used the sophisticated NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope to reveal the first detailed image of asteroid belt spotted beyond our solar system. This first...
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Scientists Think They've Finally Solved The Mystery Of What Lies Inside The Moon
For centuries, humans have looked up into Earth’s night sky and wondered what lies inside the moon, which is the closest celestial body to Earth. Scientists have discovered what lies...
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How NASA is Partnering with Companies to Build Communication System, Rover, and Home for Lunar Settlement Before End Of This Decade
After December 1972, no astronaut has set foot on the moon again. However, NASA is preparing to return humans to the moon to expand our crewed exploration on the lunar surface. But...
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