Physicists Just Discover that Gravity Can Create Light

Physicists recently discovered waves of gravity may have vibrated space-time so extremely that they significantly created radiation during the early universe. Scientists were fascinated with this discovery as it appears quite complicated to create light from gravity. However, the researchers that came up with this finding are confident with their discovery as they can relate to the physical concept of resonance surrounding humans on a daily basis.

When humans sit naturally on a swing and they intend to reach a greater height, our legs will start moving back and forth. Finding the right rhythm will make the swing climb higher while falling out of the rhythm will significantly make the swing stop accelerating. Scientists refer to this exact phenomenon as parametric resonance. A team of physicists has found out that an exotic type of parametric resonance might have taken place in the early age of the Universe.

The researchers also realized that inflation is the most eventful occurrence to ever happen to the early universe. Inflation is known as a hypothetical occurrence that happened when our universe was less than a second old. During this event, the universe grew to certain proportions, taking several orders of magnitude bigger than its previous size. At the end of the inflation, gravitational waves began to vibrate back and forth throughout the entire universe.

Scientists realized that gravitational waves are so weak to be measured. Hence, they created detectors that are powerful enough to measure distances smaller than the width of an atomic nucleus. Researchers relied on these detectors to find gravitational waves moving through our home planet, Earth.

What the Physicists Think About How Gravitational Waves create light in the Early Universe

The researchers that participated in this study think that the gravitational waves in the extremely early universe may have become very powerful over time. The scientists suggested that the gravitational waves may have created standing wave patterns that are not traveling.

These standing waves stood still and nearly frozen in certain regions spread throughout the universe. Keep in mind that gravitational waves are referred to as waves of gravity. Hence, the regions where the waves remain the strongest can be said to have a massive amount of gravitational energy.

The team of researchers also discovered that the existence of a huge amount of gravitational energy in certain regions of space could have great impacts on the electromagnetic field that came into existence in the baby cosmos. Hence, the researchers concluded their observations by stating that the regions of massive gravity may have excited the electromagnetic field enough to use some of its abundant energy that exists as radiation to create light.


The conclusion of this study created a new phenomenon of creating light from gravity alone. Even though, it is not possible to create light from gravity alone in the present-day universe, scientists that participated in this study have proven that the early universe might have made this to be possible. What are your thoughts on this new study?

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