What lies inside a black hole?

Blackholes are generally referred to as the monsters of the cosmos that eats up everything that comes their way. From tiny asteroids to gigantic stars, black holes are always open to eating up objects that enter their event horizon. 

Since they have been consuming items that come their way, you may begin to imagine what lies inside the black hole. Many scientists have raised numerous suggestions in the past. Some scientists assume that the black hole is the portal to another universe. Others assume it is a wormhole to facilitate interstellar travel.

For decades before the discovery of the first black hole, it has remained a theoretical aspect of physics. Even after its discovery, we are yet to get closer to a black hole to study what lies inside it. The problem with sending a spacecraft to study a black hole is distance. In fact, the closest black hole to earth is the HR 6819 System.

This black hole was discovered in 2020 and it is located 1,000 light-years away from earth. Since we cannot cover the distance of 1,000 light-years to study the closest black hole to earth, we have relied on a theory to conclude what lies inside a black hole. 

According to this theory, all the matter within a black hole is crushed into a gravitational singularity. The gravitational singularity is a point that lies at the center of the black hole. It comprises a large amount of mass, infinitely curved space-time, and infinite density. The laws of physics are no longer applicable at this point. 

Cosmologists and astrophysicists have been fascinated by the idea of singularity over the past few decades. So they worked so hard to develop a theory for singularity that lies within the black hole. According to this theory, the black hole could exist as an externally collapsing object which will hit the singularity after infinite time.


For centuries, Blackholes have remained mysterious to us. But the aid of modern technologies is enabling scientists to study and analyze black holes and their abilities. Currently, we have learned that matter formed inside a black hole can be referred to as a singularity.

We may become technologically advanced to send a spacecraft into the black hole in the future and understand its formation and what lies within it. Do you think we can ever send a spacecraft to explore a black hole?

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