Are We Living In A Simulation? Michio Kaku Explains
Many people believe that our planet is a giant computer Simulation being controlled by some advanced alien civilizations. However, some scientists have a different opinion about this....
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How Do Astronauts Poop and Pee in Space?
Humans cannot do without visiting the bathroom. Hence, whether astronauts are on Earth or in Space, they still require to poop and pee whenever the need arises. But unlike visiting...
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Massive Solar Storm Evidence Discovered in 14,300-year-old Tree Rings
For years, scientists have continued to discover evidence of Earth’s exposure to increased cosmic radiation in the tree rings. While conducting research recently, researchers...
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Magnetic Fusion Plasma Engines Could Carry Humans Across The Solar System And Into Interstellar Space
Since we commenced space exploration in the 20th century, humans have always wondered how we could travel beyond the solar system into interstellar space. While space agencies are currently...
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Amazon's Project Kuiper First Payload Lifts Off of Florida
On October 6, at exactly 2:06 PM EST, Amazon launched its Protoflight aboard a United Launch Alliance (ULA) rocket from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station...
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Webb Discovers Strange Objects In Space Hiding In The Nearby Orion Nebula
NASA James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) just discovered mysterious free-floating strange objects in space about the size of Jupiter hiding near the Orion Nebula. Hence, these strange...
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Perseverance Rover Monitors A Dust Devil Traveling At 12 MPH On Mars
While performing its daily exploration routine on a Sunday on Mars, NASA’s Perseverance rover observed a small tornado of dust moving toward the horizon. The rover turned its camera...
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Japan's iSpace Wins $55 Million NASA Moon Landing Deal, Reschedule 3rd Lunar Launch to 2026
Japan’s iSpace recently revealed its plan for future missions after winning a $55 million NASA moon landing deal. On Thursday, September 28, the company’s representatives made several...
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A Giant Moon Collision May Have Formed the Iconic Saturn Rings During the Time of The Dinosaurs, New Study Suggests
Saturn’s iconic rings have remained one of the greatest wonders that amazes every skygazer observing the Universe. However, scientists have proposed several theories on how Saturn’s...
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