NASA Just Announced that an Olympic Pool Size Massive Asteroid has a 1 in 625 Chance of Striking Earth in 2046
NASA revealed that a newly discovered massive asteroid has a one in 625 chance of slamming into Earth in 2046. The asteroid is named 2023 DW and was first discovered on February 27....
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Why Space Agencies Will Send Humans to Alpha Centauri in the Future, And First Attempt may be coming sooner than expected
If we must spread life across the Universe, we need to find out how to send humans outside the solar system to another star system. Alpha Centauri, which is the closest star system...
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Milky Way and Andromeda Collision Is Closer Than Ever Imagined, Here’s When And How They Will Collide According To New Studies
The milky way is one out of trillions of galaxies that made up the observable universe. These galaxies are categorized into several types including spiral, irregular, elliptical, and...
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How NASA Astronaut Captures this stunning photo of auroras covering Earth from the International Space Station
Auroras often add extra beauty to Earth’s sky whenever they occur. But have you imagined what auroras covering earth look like from space? To provide humans with a satisfactory view...
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Astronomers catch a rare view of the oldest known supernova explosion, which dates back to the Year 185 AD
Supernova explosions are one of the most fascinating cosmic events that take place in the universe. Astronomers recently used the Dark Energy Camera built to study dark matter to capture...
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Venus and Jupiter Will Get So Close that they Nearly Kissed in Earth’s Night Sky Tonight, Here’s How to Watch the Astronomical Event in Real Time
Venus and Jupiter will be making a closer approach to each other in the Earth’s night sky on Wednesday, March 1. In other words, the hottest and the largest planet in the solar system...
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Ad Astra 123,000 MPH Nuclear Rocket Could Reach Mars in Only One Month
Sending humans to Mars has remained the primary goal of space agencies like NASA, CNSA, and many others. However, these space agencies need to consider other options for reaching the...
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3 Skyscraper-sized Asteroids heading toward Earth this week, NASA Warns
There are millions of asteroids and meteorites scattered throughout the solar system and in some cases, they fly in our direction. NASA announced that three massive asteroids...
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European Space Agency permits four-armed robots to start clearing space debris in 2026
Statistical models created by ESA’s space debris office revealed that there are more than 36,500 objects larger than 10cm in low earth orbit. These models also revealed that there are...
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