House-size Asteroid 2023 MU2 Will Zoom Past Earth on June 25, Here’s How To Watch It Live

An asteroid flying across Earth is one of the most fascinating astronomical events humans often look up to. On Sunday, June 25, a house-size space rock named asteroid 2023 MU2 will be making a close flyby to Earth. Astronomers revealed that this near-Earth asteroid will come within 134,000 miles (215,000 kilometers) of Earth. Hence, this is about 60% of the average distance from Earth to the moon.

What you should know about Asteroid 2023 MU2

Asteroid 2023 MU2 is a near-Earth object that will be making a close approach to Earth today, June 25. NASA/JPL Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) revealed that the space rock is about 13 and 29 feet (3.9 and 8.8 meters) in diameter. In comparison to a building, the 2023 MU2 is about the same size as a three-story building.

Despite its size, scientists revealed that the asteroid will not pose any threat to Earthlings. Therefore, 2023 MU2 will be making its closest approach to Earth today, June 25 at 7:19 p.m. ET (2319 GMT).

How to watch Asteroid 2023 MU2 make its closest Approach to Earth

In a few hours from now, Asteroid 2023 MU2 will be making its closest flyby to Earth. If you truly desire to watch this asteroid make a close flyby to Earth, you should endeavor to join a free telescope Livestream. The Virtual Telescope Project will be hosted by Rome-based astronomer Gianluca Masi.

Hence, the astronomer will commence with the Livestream of the 2023 MU2 flyby at 7 p.m. ET (2300 GMT) on Sunday, June 25. You can watch the Livestream on the Virtual Telescope Project’s website or its YouTube Channel.

How Asteroid 2023 MU2 Was Discovered

Asteroid 2023 MU2 was first discovered on June 16. On June 22, the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center confirmed the existence of the asteroid. Hence, this asteroid is one of over 32,000 near-Earth asteroids CNEOS has discovered to date. However, NASA revealed that none of these asteroids pose any threat to our home planet within the next century.


While asteroid 2023 MU2 does not pose any threat to Earth during its June 25 flyby, scientists are already working on fascinating technologies that will protect our home planet against future space rock impact. In addition, the Chelyabinsk asteroid remains an alarming call for a planetary defense approach. Hence, space agencies are hopeful about the future of protecting our planet from asteroid impacts.

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