Can Astronauts Have Sex In Space? Scientists Explain

Since space agencies began to send humans into space in the 1960s, no one has ever attempted to have sex in space. Currently, astronauts aboard the International Space Station participate in all kinds of activities including playing musical instruments, washing hair, conducting experiments, and more.

However, they have never made the move to have sex in space. This is because the International Space Station is not designed to conduct such an experiment. Despite its football field size, the living space of the crew has been shrinking over the years. Hence, even if astronauts agree to have sex in space for the sake of science, there will not be enough room for them.

The crew aboard the space station often remain celibate throughout their stay in the microgravity environment of space. However, as more private companies are joining the space race, we may soon be embracing the era of having sex in space. Also, many space agencies are looking forward to sending humans to Mars. Hence, scientists have to work fast to solve the challenge of having sex in space as soon as possible.

Some challenges associated with having sex in space and possible solutions

There are numerous challenges associated with having sex in space. Hence, space agencies have to provide permanent solutions to them if we must accomplish a lot of goals in space exploration. Some of these challenges include the following.

Creating Enough Space For Intimacy

The space aboard the International Space Station is quite small for astronauts to have good sex in space. Hence, if astronauts must enjoy intimacy in microgravity, space agencies must build space stations and spaceships with enough space for the astronauts.

Containing bodily fluids of the crew

Stuff easily floats around in weightlessness. Hence, the bodily fluids that come out during sex can easily float around the space station or spaceship. The astronauts will surely struggle to control their bodily fluids during the act. Astronauts currently in orbit have shown that bodily fluids easily float around the station unless contained by creative means.

Currently, none of the crewmembers has publicly discussed their experiences with masturbation in weightlessness. Hence, we do not have enough information about how bodily fluids can be contained in space. During a recent interview with Newsweek, Maria Santaguida, a researcher at the Astrosexological Research Institute, a non-profit organization based in Florida revealed to the agency that masturbation supported with fluid suction apparatus could be helpful to astronauts in weightlessness.

While this method could be supportive of individual masturbation, scientists still struggle to provide devices that could be helpful to partnered sex in space.


The microgravity of weightlessness makes it quite challenging for astronauts to engage in such acts based on our current space technologies. In fact, microgravity is the primary reason why sex in space is currently not possible. However, with the introduction of artificial gravity to space stations and spaceships, astronauts can easily enjoy intimacy in space.

Life Outside Earth Through Sex In Space

Scientists have attempted to conduct previous studies to test out intercourse in miles. However, the stress involved in the process of sending mice to space prevented none of them from getting pregnant. Scientists reveal that when humanity began to travel to different planets, sex in space would have been possible.

The spaceship built for this exploration will be equipped with artificial gravity generators as the fetus will need gravity to grow and strengthen some muscles and bones. However, despite having artificial gravity, several complications can arise aboard the ship. Hence, scientists are suggesting that it would be easier to send frozen eggs and sperm to another planet in an attempt to colonize the planet.

This process would possibly protect future generations from harsh cosmic radiation while making interplanetary journeys. Currently, sending humans to distant is not achievable. However, we will surely be able to advance technologically and reach distant space worlds.

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