Get Ready to Observe the Half Illuminated Moon During Its Last Quarter Phase Tonight

On Tuesday (August 8), the moon will attain its last quarter phase. During this astronomical event, the moon will remain half-illuminated by the sunlight. When will this celestial event commence? How can you watch it from your location? Continue reading to find out.

When the Last Quarter Phase of the Moon Will Occur tonight

Astronomers revealed that the last quarter phase of the moon will occur tonight starting from 11:30 p.m. EDT (03:30 GMT) in New York City. In The Sky revealed that the moon will be visible at this time shortly after it rises. Once the moon becomes half-illuminated, it will remain visible before it falls below the horizon at about 1:46 p.m. EDT (1756 GMT) on Wednesday, Aug. 9.

Scientists also referred to the last quarter phase of the moon as the third quarter moon. It mostly occurs at the halfway point between the full-lit moon and the entirely dark new moon during the 29.5 lunar cycle. Scientists revealed that the last full moon, known as August’s Sturgeon Moon surfaced on August 1.

They said that the next new moon will occur on August 16. This new moon will mark the beginning of the new lunar cycle. The full moon often rises at Sunset and sets at sunrise. However, the new moon follows a reversed path, making the moon rise at about the same time as the sun and also set with it. This makes the new moon remain almost invisible in the night sky.

Keep in mind that the last quarter phase of the moon is not the only time the moon becomes half-illuminated in the 29.5-day lunar phase. Scientists revealed that there is an analog to the last quarter moon that falls between the new moon and the full moon known as the first quarter moon. When the first quarter moon occurs, the opposite side of the moon’s surface becomes visible. Hence, the side of the moon skywatchers observes to be illuminating highly depending on the hemisphere of the region of Earth where they watch from.

How to watch tonight’s last quarter phase of the moon

If you want to observe tonight’s last quarter phase of the moon, you have to ensure that you stay in a region where there is no light pollution. You can enjoy the beautiful half-lit moon without the aid of a telescope or binoculars.

However, if you want to enjoy a more detailed view, you should consider getting a binocular to sky gaze from your location. You can consider using these telescopes or binoculars to enjoy beautiful views of the moon tonight.


Astronomers revealed that the moon will become half-illuminated tonight starting from 11:30 p.m. EDT (03:30 GMT). Hence, you should ensure you are set to observe the moon in a region where there is no light pollution. We at Futurespaceworld are wishing clear skies and happy viewing tonight.

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