Lunar Horizons: You Can Now Explore The Lunar Surface as an Astronaut in this latest Fortnite Video Game

If you ever desired to explore the lunar surface as an astronaut, you may consider taking a virtual walk first by playing as an astronaut in this Epic video game named Lunar Horizons. The European Space Agency (ESA) recently launched the Moon mission game in Fortnite.

While you play the game, you will experience unique bouncing on the moon’s surface, pick up natural lunar resources, and build a futuristic habitat following similar methods that future astronauts will deploy to build habitats on the moon. The Lunar Horizons is designed to give its users a 3D experience on the lunar south pole.

Keep in mind that this region has attracted the attention of NASA and other agencies because of its abundant resources. By playing this game, you will be able to virtually extract some of these resources and build your own habitat. This masterpiece was developed and created by ESA, Hassell, and Epic Games. It was released in Fortnite on Thursday, April 11th, 2024.

How Lunar Horizons Will Give You An Epic Experience On The Lunar Surface

The developers of this game partnered with the European Space Agency to get the best realistic experience of the lunar surface. ESA added unique experience that will enable players to build a real landscape view on the lunar south pole. Anyone playing the game will surely learn a lot of interesting facts about the lunar south pole while exploring their new environment.

Hence, as a space nerd, you are about to get a unique gaming experience with the interesting features of the Lunar Horizons. As a player in this game, you will be required to provide solutions to several challenging missions. You will have to move around the cratered lunar surface searching for resources and gathering them to build habitats.

You will also have to work with futuristic tools and join each module of the lunar habitat in a similar way astronauts will follow to execute real-life missions. Even though the game may not appear to be extremely realistic, you will still get the feeling of real-life missions targeted at exploring the lunar terrains.

When you move around in the game, you will surely see ESA’s Argonaut lunar lander which the agency will deploy to supply cargo for astronauts in the future on the lunar surface. Once you launch the game as a player, it will read the following to you.

“Welcome to the south pole of the Moon. Your mission is to gather water and Helium-3 to complete the ESA lunar habitat.”

You can then proceed to play around with several tools in the game and have great fun exploring the lunar terrains.

Why the Lunar South Pole?

If you are a space nerd, you must have heard space agencies talking about establishing a permanent human presence on the lunar south pole. Even the Lunar Horizons was built with the environment of the lunar south pole in mind. You may begin to ask, why the lunar south pole? Well, the lunar south pole is the main destination for future crewed and uncrewed missions because it contains abundant water ice, and other natural resources.

In fact, the presence of water in the part of the moon is the main reason why NASA and other agencies want to establish a permanent human presence on the moon’s south pole. If we successfully establish a permanent human presence in this region, we may take our space exploration goals to the next level.

The experience that we will obtain from the lunar south pole will be deployed in building a civilization on Mars and beyond. As for this newly released game, you can find it by searching for Lunar Horizons in Discover. We at Future Space World is wishing the best and unique experience as you play this most realistic video game of the lunar surface.

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