NASA Just Revealed the Results Of 2022 UFO Panel Study

In 2022, NASA contracted professionals to analyze data collected about unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP), famously known as UFOs. The American Space Agency organized the study to use scientifically proven methods to investigate the strange objects flying in the sky, or space that cannot be identified as any known object. On September 14, the UFO Panel study team that participated in this study released its first report during a press conference.

The report acknowledged that the world needs to improve in the way we obtain data from UAP occurrences. The team suggested AI, machine learning, and crowd-sourcing of footage as some of the methods to improve data collection of UFOs.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson revealed during the event that NASA is taking concrete action for the first time to look into UAP. Nelson also said that the panel has discovered no evidence so far suggesting that UAPs have any connections with extraterrestrial origin.

What NASA Says About This Study Presented By UFO Panel

NASA is suggesting that it still has a lot more to learn from the existence of UAPs. Based on the outcome of the report, the team that participated in the study has raised more questions than concluding answers everyone expects from them. NASA revealed that the discovery will help it boost its methodology in studying these UAP events whenever they occur in the future. NASA is looking forward to appoint a new head of UAP research. This appointment will enable the agency to advance with the way they study UAPs in the future.

“The top takeaway from the study is that there is a lot more to learn,” Nelson explained during the press conference. “The NASA independent study team found no evidence that UAP has an extraterrestrial origin, but we don’t know what these UAP are. That’s why I’m announcing that NASA has appointed a NASA director of UAP research,” Nelson added.

Nelson revealed that the director created and supervised the implementation of NASA’s vision for UAP research in the future. NASA officials also revealed during the conference that the director has already been appointed. However, they did not mention the person. Nelson also said that he strongly believes that extraterrestrial intelligence must exist out there because of the vast nature of the universe. However, the NASA Administrator explained that NASA does not have any evidence of their existence.

The Science Behind the Just Concluded UAP Investigation

NASA did not plan this observation to conclude previous UFO investigations head in the past. In fact, NASA has a better plan for its investigation.

During the press statement, the NASA Administrator revealed that the report is not concluded as “a review or assessment of previous unidentifiable observations. But the focus targeted on learning how to apply the full focus of science and data to UAP.” Nelson continued. “Adding that NASA wants to shift the conversation about UAPs from sensationalism to science.”

NASA hopes to achieve this by improving its data collection and investigation methodology by taking advantage of AI and crowd-sourcing footage and images captured by the general public. The space agency is hoping to collaborate with other agencies to improve their understanding of UAP.

NASA officials also revealed that the stigma of UFOs has stopped many pilots from reporting UAP events. Hence, the agency noted that it will fight this stigma to boost its data collection efforts. NASA said that most UAP events occur as planes, balloons, drones, and weather events. However, the camera footage of the object made it nearly impossible to properly study the event.

“We are the government,” Nelson said revealing why the government is not transparent about the UAPs. However, he promised that the government would disclose any findings to show if show whether or not they are related to extraterrestrials.


Last year, NASA commissioned a UFO Panel study team to investigate the UAP events occurring from time to time. Based on the outcome of the observation, NASA is hoping that the outcome of this study will help it resolve several mysteries about UFOs. What do you think about this investigation? Check out these powerful telescopes

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