NASA Is Seriously Looking Forward to the Cosmic meet-up between its OSIRIS-APEX spacecraft and 'God of Chaos' asteroid Apophis in 2029
After obtaining samples from the Asteroid and safely delivering them to Earth, NASA’s OSIRIS-APEX spacecraft is currently on its way to meet the God of Chaos asteroid Apophis. The spacecraft...
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NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Films From Dawn to Dusk on the Red Planet During downtime (video)
NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover experienced some downtime in November 2023. During that period, the rover did not just rest on its laurels. Instead, it filmed an intriguing video of Mars...
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History-Breaking SpaceX Falcon 9 Booster Mostly Destroyed After it Toppled at the Ocean Droneship
SpaceX Falcon 9 Booster that launches both crewed and uncrewed missions into orbit has met its end during its recent post-flight recovery. The American aerospace company named this...
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Hubble Space Telescope Captures a Festive Image of Gathering Spiral Galaxies 
Hubble space telescope recently captured a collection of spiral galaxies located at a great distant from Earth. The beautiful stunning image released on Christmas Day comprises of massive...
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Can Astronauts Have Sex In Space? Scientists Explain
Since space agencies began to send humans into space in the 1960s, no one has ever attempted to have sex in space. Currently, astronauts aboard the International Space Station participate...
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Life Outside Earth May Form in the Coldest Depths of space, Ryugu asteroid samples reveal
In December 2014, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) spacecraft Hayabusa2 commenced its journey to study the Ryugu asteroid and also obtain some samples from its terrain....
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Mars Express Orbiter Provides Evidence of Ancient Microbial Life, Water, and Volcanism on Red Planet
Astrobiologists have continued to advance their search for microbial life within and outside the solar system. A recent discovery made by scientists seems to be moving us closer to...
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SpaceX Is About To Go For 3rd Starship Flight Test (photos)
SpaceX has made two launch attempts to safely launch the Starship and landed it back without an exploration. Although, the two-launch attempt lifted off successfully, they both failed...
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Is There Life on Enceladus? Saturn’s icy moon, hosts vital life source, key molecule, NASA reveals
The search for extraterrestrial life has inspired space agencies to advance their search within and outside our planetary system. While astronomers have been struggling to find concrete...
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