A Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse Will Occur on April 20, Here’s How To Watch It Online And Offline

On Thursday, (April 20), a rare hybrid solar eclipse will occur. Astronomers have discovered that only seven of this type of eclipse will occur in the whole of the 21st century. Hence, you have every reason to watch this rare celestial event that will occur on April 20th. How can you watch the event online and offline? Continue reading to find out.

How this hybrid solar eclipse will occur

On Thursday (April 20), the moon will shade out the sun during a rare celestial event known as a hybrid solar eclipse. The last time this type of celestial event occurred was in 2013. Astronomers announced that the next celestial event will occur in 2031. After the 2031 hybrid solar eclipse, future skywatchers will observe the next rare celestial event like this one on March 23, 2164.

Hence, you surely have to watch this rare celestial event as the next one will be coming up next decade. During this forthcoming astronomical event, it will adjust from a total solar eclipse to an annular (ring-shaped) as the moon’s shadow travels across the Earth’s surface.

How to watch the April 20th Hybrid Solar Eclipse Offline

If you want to watch this forthcoming rare astronomical event offline, then you will have to be in the right location and at the right time. Astronomers reveal that the hybrid solar eclipse will be visible from the South Pacific as the moon will move across western Australia, East Timor, and Indonesia starting at 9:36 p.m. EDT on April 19 (0136 GMT on April 20) and ending at 2:59 a.m. EDT (0659 GMT), according to analyzes provided by In the Sky.

If you are in any of these locations, you should use your telescopes and binoculars to get the best view of this event. However, if you are in other locations across the world where the rare celestial event will not be visible, you can opt to watch it online.

How to watch the April 20th hybrid solar eclipse Online

If you are not leaving within the North West Cape peninsula and Barrow Island in Western Australia, eastern parts of East Timor, Damar Island, and parts of the province of Papua in Indonesia, then, watching the hybrid solar eclipse online will be your best option. There are several free livestreaming platforms where you can watch the rare celestial event from the comfort of your home. You can watch it online on any of these online platforms

The Gravity Discovery Centre & Observatory

The Gravity Discovery Centre & Observatory near Perth, Australia will be streaming the event live on their YouTube Channel. They will be commencing the livestream starting at 10 p.m. EDT on April 19 (0200 GMT on April 20). Hence, you can join them and get the best view of this rare celestial event.


TimeAndDate.com will also be hosting a livestream of the astronomical event on their YouTube Channel starting at 9:30 p.m. EDT on April 19 (0130 GMT on April 20).


NASA will also be livestreaming the hybrid solar eclipse on their NASA TV YouTube Channel starting at 10:30 p.m. EDT on April 19 (0230 GMT on April 20). You should carefully choose the best platform to watch April 20th rare celestial event.


If you want to observe April 20 hybrid solar eclipse, ensure that you learn how to stay safe and protect your vision during the event. But ensure that you watch the forthcoming event as the next one will occur in 2031. We hope that you share the fascinating images you captured during this rare astronomical event with us at futurespaceworld.com. You can check out these great cameras and telescopes for capturing rare astronomical events like the one below.

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