Astronomers Discover a Brown Dwarf Star Hotter Than The Sun

In a recent study, Astronomers studied a brown dwarf star orbiting a white dwarf to discover that it has a surface temperature of about 8,000 kelvins (K). Keep in mind that our Sun has a surface temperature of 5778 K. Hence, it implies that the newly discovered brown stars are more than 2000 k more scorching than our star.

What Scientists discovered about this mysterious brown dwarf star

Astronomers behind this new study observed the brown dwarf star named WD 0032-317 B and the white dwarf WD 0032-317 using the Ultraviolet and Visual Echelle Spectrograph of the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope. They previously hoped to discover another white dwarf moving around WD 0032-317. However, they end up finding that the binary system comprises a white dwarf and a brown dwarf. The team described their observations in a paper published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

Their observations revealed that the brown dwarf star possesses a mass of about 75–88 times that of Jupiter. Scientists analyzed the brown dwarf star to discover that it has a day-to-night temperature adjustment of about 6,000 k. The press statement also stated that it may be one of the largest brown dwarf stars ever observed in interstellar space. The new study revealed how new light on binary star systems and also brown dwarfs obscure the line between gas giant planets and stars.

Currently, astronomers are still struggling to understand the formation process of the brown dwarf. Researchers generally classified this type of star as a failed star. This is because they may begin their formation process like a planet through the accretion of material in a protoplanetary disk or like a star via the process of contraction of gas.

Studies have proven that brown dwarfs do not have nuclear fusion reactions in their core like most stars. However, they have auroras and atmospheres with unique storms like most planets. They are powerful enough to host their planets like other stars in the universe while emitting measurable light to Earthlings.

Why the brown dwarf star has a mysterious scorching temperature

Astronomers have discovered that white dwarfs are the final evolutionary phase of low and medium-mass stars such as our star. When researchers first observed WD 0032-317 in the early 2000s, they classified the star as a hot, low-mass white dwarf star with a double white dwarf system. Unlike most brown dwarfs, WD 0032-317 possesses more mysterious scorching temperatures than others. This is because the red-brown star has intense ultraviolet radiation it obtains from neighboring white dwarf.

The brown dwarf is a tidally locked star to the white dwarf. This implies that it orbits the white dwarf facing the same side. Hence, the side facing the white dwarf always remains about 6,000 K hotter than the opposite night side constantly facing the radiating space. Because of their mysterious planet-like nature, brown dwarfs are classified as the coldest known star category in the Universe. More studies will definitely reveal more about these brown dwarfs.


Astronomers recently discovered a brown dwarf star orbiting a white dwarf to discover that it has a surface temperature of about 8,000 kelvins (K). comparing this to our star, you will realize that the newly spotted brown dwarf is more than 2000 K hotter than our Sun. However, astronomers will still have to conduct follow-up studies to improve our astronomical knowledge about the dwarf star. What do you think about this fascinating study?

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