How to watch NASA Unveil the First Images from the James Webb Space Telescope

Every lover of the Cosmos has been waiting patiently to watch the first images of the James Webb Space Telescope on July 12. Finally, we have a few hours to witness these breathtaking infrared images of the next-generation space telescope. This article will enlighten you on how you can watch the first Webb images that will be released by NASA soon.

When will James Webb Space Telescope Images be Revealed, and How can I watch them?

For the past six months, James Webb Space Telescope has been observing the Universe and noting the Cosmos’s beauty. After collecting its data for a couple of months, NASA has decided to reveal these images to everyone. For Weeks, NASA has been working towards releasing these images in the early hours of July 12th.

However, President Biden revealed the first image today, July 11, at 5 pm during a press briefing at the White House. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson gave a remark about the pictures. The first image revealed by President Biden shows a gigantic cluster of galaxies located at about four billion light-years from earth.

The cluster has a strong gravitational field that serves as a lens. This gravitational field warps and magnifies the light coming from galaxies. The visibility of this light made it possible for Webb to see the Cluster from Billions of light-years away. This first image displayed by the President is named SMACS 0723. This display marks the beginning of a new era of Astronomy.

When will the rest of the Images be revealed?

The first image revealed by President Biden has opened the floor for other photos to be revealed on July 12th. NASA will release the rest of the pictures on July 12th at 10:30 a.m. Eastern Time. You can watch the Live Stream online from Here.

The images will also be displayed offline at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland United States. 

What Should We Be Expecting From these Images?

These first images will reveal a lot of fascinating facts about the Cosmos. NASA will display Webb’s tour around the Universe through these pictures. Note that these pictures were captured as invisible rays of infrared from deep space.

From these images, we will see the advanced capacity of the Webb Space Telescope and the fantastic beauty of the Cosmos. We should expect clusters of Galaxies, Nebulae, and other fascinating objects that have remained out of our reach for decades of studying space.


James Webb Space Telescope is about to Unveil new amazing facts about the Universe with its first images. We will update our knowledge about the Universe and what lies in the Vast nature of Space. These new images will reveal a lot about the Cosmos to humanity. Endeavor to watch the display and share your thoughts about James Webb Space Telescope with us.

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