Reasons Why Aliens Could Be Artificial Intelligence, Scientists Explain Revealing The Possibility Of Alien AI

In recent times, Artificial Intelligence has continued to improve. Companies are building sophisticated new chatbots, image generators, search engines, and other powerful AI apps daily to make life much easier for everyone. However, the recent rise of AI has inspired scientists to research the smartness of these innovations. Aside from helping Earthlings accomplish greater tasks on Earth, artificial intelligence is also playing a great role in exploring the Universe. The search for extraterrestrials was primarily focused on biological Aliens ignoring the possibilities of alien AI.

Scientists have revealed that commencing an advanced space exploration program will be quite challenging without the use of AI. Hence, while our civilization heavily depends on AI to attain greater potential in space, other intelligent lives in distanced worlds may also rely on their alien AI to achieve greater milestones in their space programs

Why Advanced Civilizations Will Heavily Depend on Artificial Intelligence Including Alien AI

We have explored the concept of alien life in movies visiting Earth in a futuristic space vehicle. However, in reality, this may not happen as trillions of miles separate our planetary system from other star systems in our home galaxy. Hence, any advanced civilization attempting to visit another star system will not send biological creatures. Instead, they will send humanoid robots that can survive long-distance travel and accomplish the primary goal of the mission.

If Earthlings are looking at exploring the Interstellar space, we will also depend heavily on artificial intelligence to attain such a milestone. Humans which are the most brilliant species live on average of 80 years. In fact, the life expectancy of almost every species on our home planet is estimated to be around 100 years. With our current technology, it will take tens of thousands of years to reach the Alpha Centauri, which is the nearest star system to the Sun.

However, exploring the idea of building light sails technology that can explore space at nearly ten percent of the speed of light, will take us about 40 years to reach Alpha Centauri. Even at that, a 40-year trip to another star system is actually a long time for any human to explore space. As astronauts will surely like to return to their families after spending some time in space.

Even if our civilization figures out how to explore space at about 80 percent of light speed using an advanced propulsion system, it will take a lot of time for any astronaut to reach another star system. But even if some humans are willing to spend all these years in space, they will still experience the risk of radiation, asteroid impact, and other dangers in space. Hence, Artificial Intelligence could be the way forward.

Why AI Astronauts Will Become Future Interstellar Crew Explorers

Since biological creatures like humans cannot withstand the dangers of Interstellar space, artificial intelligence could be the possible solution. This is because AI has the potential to withstand the dangers of space exploration. Hence, if any creatures should visit Earth from interstellar space, we should be expecting alien AI astronauts. However, these alien AI may either come with all-natural or artificial bodies. Scientists like Andy Clark revealed humans are naturally born as cyborgs.

As the world progresses, more sophisticated advanced body parts are invented daily. Since the human body is fragile, technological advancement may help us extend our natural lifespans by far. However, some critical body parts will eventually break down. Scientists are coming up with solutions to counter this.

Some researchers are suggesting that uploading our brains to computers could be a way to counter this challenge. Futurists Alexey Turchin and Maxim Chernyakov, envisioned the future of achieving an Immortality Roadmap using AI to digitally reconstruct people. The primary goal of this vision is to use AI to obtain DNA and other personal information from a newly deceased person and rebuild the person in a simulated world.

If our civilization could think of these futuristic ways of achieving immortality, imagine what an advanced civilization with years of technological advancement ahead of us would achieve. With this latest view about AI, scientists could also focus their search for alien lifeforms on planets with artificial intelligence.

Researcher Seth Shostak of the SETI Institute is one of the great minds promoting the use of this futuristic approach. Scientists revealed that we could study planets exactly like Earth that receive a great amount of solar energy from their stars and are also enriched with silicon and other types of metals to advance our search for extraterrestrials.


Artificial Intelligence is seriously revolutionizing technologies and life in general on Earth. Scientists think if an extraterrestrial should visit Earth, they may come in the form of alien AI as biological creatures will struggle to survive the dangers of space and travel trillions of miles away to get to us. What do you think about alien AI visiting Earth someday?

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