This Newly Forming Gas Giant Has Helped Astronomers to Discover how Jupiter and Saturn are Formed

The birth of Gas giants’ planets like Jupiter and Saturn has remained unknown to humanity for years. However, astronomers have looked into the cosmos and used the formation process of a new gas giant to learn how Jupiter and Saturn were formed. So, what did they discover from this astronomical observation? You are about to find out.

How a Newly Formed Gas Giant made astronomers Understand how Jupiter and Saturn are formed

In 1610, Astronomer Galileo Galilee used his newly invented telescope to discover Jupiter and Saturn. This discovery gave birth to new astronomy, and scientists have been fascinated to learn how Gas Giants are formed. Ancient astronomers found it quite challenging to determine how gas giants were formed.

This is because discovering the formation of gas giants and other rocky planets requires sophisticated space telescopes deep into the Cosmos in time and distance. As we progress technologically, we were able to invent telescopes beyond the solar system and observe what lies in interstellar space and beyond.

Astronomers took advantage of technological advancement to discover how gas giants were formed. On April 4, 2022, astronomers published a new study in Nature Astronomy. The study revealed that astronomers used the Subaru Telescope and the Hubble Space Telescope to discover unique protoplanet orbiting around AB Aurigae.

AB Aurigae is a young Herbig Ae star that stays in the Auriga Constellation. It is about 505 light years away from earth. Astronomers became interested in this star system, which is only 2 million years old. The planetary system is still within its planetary nursery phase.

So, we are studying the planet at the right time to unveil more fascinating facts about the newly formed star. As the AB Aurigae is newly formed, planets are also forming around the star. One of these planets forming around the star is a gas giant planet about nine times the size of Jupiter.

This gas giant is still undergoing its formation process. So, scientists used the Subaru Telescope and the Hubble Space Telescope to study the formation process of the gas giant. This fascinating discovery made astronomers understand how gas giants are formed.

They obtained photos of the protoplanet forming around the infant star. The planet emission is generated as radiations around the newly forming gas giant. Astronomers also discovered two other structures within this region. These structures also serve as great spots to learn about gas giant formations. Astronomers have continued to observe the AB Aurigae star, as it holds all the fascinating answers to how gas giants are formed.


As a new protoplanet continues to form around AB Aurigae, astronomers are hoping to update our view about modern view of the formation of gas giants. Future technologies will help us to understand more unique facts about the formation of the gas giants. What do you think about this discovery?

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