When is the Super Flower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Starting?

Astronomers have earlier announced that the Super Flower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse will occur on May 15 and May 16, 2022. As someone who anticipates staying updated with astronomical events going on within our planetary system, you are supposed to make time to observe this lunar eclipse today. So when is the super flower blood moon lunar eclipse starting?

The exact time for the lunar event highly depends on your location and time zone. Astronomers speculated that the partial lunar event will commence on May 15 at 10:28 p.m. EDT or 0228 GMT on May 16, 2022. The partial lunar eclipse will continue to remain visible over the Earth’s night sky for the next 2 hours.

At 12:11 a.m. EDT or 0411 GMT on May 16, the Blood Moon will attain its peak stage. At this moment, you will see the moon as it takes a new shape over our night sky. The Lunar Eclipses are expected to end at 1:55 a.m. EDT or 0555 GMT. 

Where will the Super Flower Blood Lunar Eclipse Occur?

Unlike some lunar eclipses that will be visible to a particular area on Earth, the Super Flower Blood Lunar Eclipse will be visible in America, Africa, Europe, the East Pacific, and Antarctica. Although it will not be visible in every corner of the earth, it will still cover large areas compared to some past lunar eclipses.

Astronomers also revealed that a penumbral eclipse that will display the earth’s shadow blankets of the moon will be seen by people living in the Middle East, New Zealand, and Eastern Europe. So if you hope to capture this astronomical event from your location, you surely need to have a telescope with great cameras.

What will happen during the Super Flower Blood Lunar Eclipse?

Once today’s lunar event commences, the sun, moon, and earth will align. At this moment, Earth will move in between the sun and the full moon. This astronomical event will make the Earth’s shadow cover the entire lunar surface. Hence, the effect is that the moon will turn to a reddish hue. Once this moment occurs, the Super Flower Blood Lunar event is said to have taken place.

How can you watch the Lunar Eclipse?

If you intend to watch the superflower blood today, you have to be in the above-listed locations. You don’t necessarily need a telescope to watch the eclipse as it will be visible to the physical eyes. However, if you intend to get a clearer picture of the eclipse, you may have to use a telescope or binoculars.

If you are not within the above-listed locations, you can join NASA Science Livestreams which will be available on YouTube to watch this astronomical event.


As you watch the superflower blood lunar eclipse today, endeavor to take note of the astronomical event and share your experience with us in the comment section believe. We wish you a happy viewing of today’s Lunar Eclipse.

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