22 People Are Enough to Build and Sustain Mars Colony, Scientists Discover In A New Study

The concept of sustaining humans on Mars has been explored in science fiction for decades now. However, scientists are beginning to see a fascinating future of living on Mars colony on the hostile environment of the red planet. But several engineering and logistical challenges must have solutions to establish a permanent human presence on the moon. The harsh nature of the Martian surface mandates that any colony on the surface of the red planet must be self-sustaining.

These Martian colonies must be built from scratch to support future crew explorers as well as their robotic assistants. While conducting a recent study, scientists estimated that a certain number of astronauts will help to build a self-sustaining Mars colony on the surface of the red planet.

What You Should Know About the Plans to Build A New Mars Colony

During recent research led by George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, scientists discovered that only 22 astronauts will be helpful in building a Mars Colony. Previous studies estimate that about 110 people would help to build a sustainable colony on the red planet. However, a recent study countered this past research to prove that only a small number of colonists will help in bringing a futuristic idea into reality. The study also explored the idea of building Mars colony and sustaining humans in the hostile landscape of the red planet.

The scientists also relate human social and psychological behaviors during the development of the Martian habitat. The researchers commenced the study by designing a computational model of the Mars colony with the aid of Agent-Based Modeling (ABM). Note that ABM is mostly useful in analyzing the interactions between humans, locations, objects, and time. The team also studied the past data obtained from high-stress environments such as Arctic expeditions, submarines, war, and the International Space Station.

Why Scientists Recommended These Skills for The 22 Colonists Who Will Build The Mars Colony

Based on the newly created model, scientists estimate that human survival abilities on Mars highly depend on individual interactions, exploring highly varied skill levels, and reducing stress and resilience. They suggest that four basic psychological personal traits neurotic, reactive, sociable, and agreeable will help the Martian crew to survive on the hostile environment of the red planet.

In addition, the simulated model reveals the Martian environmental challenges that future colonists will encounter while exploring the red planet. The researchers conducted the computer simulations for 28 Earth days with different numbers in each category ranging from 10 to 170 colonists.

“We found that an initial population of 22 was the minimum required to maintain a viable colony size over the long run. We also found that the agreeable personality type was the one more likely to survive,” noted the study, which has been uploaded on a pre-print server.

The team of researchers published the outcome of this study in the pre-print server arXiv.


In a recent study, scientists revealed that only 22 astronauts will help to build a sustainable Mars colony. They conducted the study using computer simulation models which lasted for 28 Earth days. The outcome of this study reveals that we don’t basically need a crowd of astronauts to finally build a colony on Mars. What do you think about this study?

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