Flat Earthers Spent $20,000 Trying To Prove Earth Is Flat And Accidentally Proved It’s Round (Video)

Despite the scientific discoveries proving that we live on a spherical planet, many people still believed that the Earth is flat. A new Netflix documentary named “Behind the Curve” shows a group of Flat Earthers who confidently believe in conspiracies promoting Flat Earth theories.

Bob Knodel is one of these flat Earthers and he hosts a YouTube Channel where he promotes the flat Earth conspiracies. Knodel is one of the team members depending on a $20,000 laser gyroscope to show that our home planet is not round but flat in shape. They intend to also prove that the Earth doesn’t rotate. However, the group was astonished by the outcome of the study.

“What we found is, when we turned on that gyroscope, we found that we were picking up a drift,” Knodel explains. “A 15-degree per hour drift. Now, obviously, we were taken aback by that – ‘Wow, that’s kind of a problem.”

How the Experiment was conducted to check if the Earth is flat

In the video scene, a flat Earther named Jeran who is part of a group called Globebusters set up a simple experiment to prove our planet is flat. The flat-Earther drilled a hole at a height of 5.18 meters (17 feet) above water level on two boards. He positioned a camera on the board and another person named Henrique held a torchlight at the same height as the holes.

Jeran reveals that if the Earth is flat, the light rays from the torch will pass through the holes no matter how far Henrique was with the torch. However, if the Earth is spherical, there will be curvature depending on Henrique’s distance from the holes. The experiment mandate Henrique to position the light above his head for it to be visible, implying that the light will be positioned 7 meters/23 feet above the water level.

As soon as the experiment commenced, the light failed to appear on the camera. Jeran phoned Henrique to verify that the height of the light is at 5.18 meters (17 feet) above sea level. If the Earth is flat, Jeran is supposed to see the light. But when he asked Henrique to lift the light above the head, Jeran was surprised to see the light pass through the hole. This confirms that the Earth is not flat, but spherical.

How the team nearly disagrees with the outcome of their research to determine if the Earth is flat

Despite the outcome of their observations, the team was not ready to accept the outcome.

“We obviously were not willing to accept that, and so we started looking for easy to disprove it was actually registering the motion of the Earth,” Knodel explains.

This is a clear case of people disagreeing with the outcome of their experiment despite the proof.

“We don’t want to blow this, you know?” Knodel reveals to another Flat Earther. “When you’ve got $20,000 in this freaking gyro. If we dumped what we found right now, it would be bad? It would be bad. What I just told you was confidential.”

How This Scene in Netflix Documentary Will Change the Believe of Many Flat Earthers

The conspiracy of flat Earth has been spreading across the globe like wildfire. However, the recent Netflix documentary showing where some flat earthers discover our home planet to be spherical will surely make many people believe in the flat Earth theory to think twice. The truth is that more people believed that the Earth is flat while only a few believed that the Earth is round in the past.

But in recent times, more people are coming to believe that our home planet is spherical while only a few still believe in the Flat Earth theories. With more scientific experiments like the one shown in a scene in “Behind the Curve”, many flat Earthers will stop believing in the flat Earth theory and agree with scientists on the actual shape of Earthers, which is spherical. If you are interested in watching this scene, you can check out the Behind the Curve documentary which is currently available on Netflix.


If you are a flat Earther or you know anyone that believes in the flat Earth theory, endeavor to watch or show them the Behind the Curve documentary on Netflix to change their view about the shape of our beautiful planet. What do you think about this interesting experiment?

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