How this Company Plans to be the First to Offer Marriage in Space Services to People

Have you ever imagined taking your wedding ceremony to space? If this has been your long-term goal, a company is here to offer such services to you. Jane Poynter, a co-founder of Space Perspectives reveals that her space company will be able to offer the first marriage in space services to people. Here’s how Jane is working to bring this futuristic dream into reality.

How Marriage in Space Will become possible in the Future

During a recent press brief with The Cold Down on Saturday show, Jane Poynter revealed how her company will make marriage in space possible in the near future.

“We’ve already had people wanting to be the first marriage in space, so we’ll see who is the first,” she told The Cool Down on Saturday.

From the look of things, the company is planning to host the wedding ceremonies in orbit aboard its powerful spacecraft. In addition, Space Perspective website reveals that Spaceship Neptune will be the most accessible, sustainable, and safest spacecraft on and above our planet. The spaceship consists of Space Balloon, Reserve Descent System, and Neptune, according to the company’s website.

“Unlike all other spacecraft whereby the crewed compartment separates from one flight system mid-flight and transfers to another flight system, Spaceship Neptune’s capsule remains secured to the SpaceBalloon the entire flight from liftoff to splashdown, creating a seamlessly safe and gentle flight,” the firm wrote on its website describing the uniqueness of their space technology.

The company is working to revolutionize the way we conduct some of our activities, especially marriage ceremonies.

How Space Perspective Hopes to Accomplish Marriage in Space

Carbon emission is one of the major environmental hazards caused by traditional chemical propulsion rockets. However, Space Perspective is hoping to build its spacecraft with carbon-free propulsion. Hence, the company is providing a solution to make its spacecraft propel itself sustainably without having an impact on the atmosphere.

“Spaceship Neptune is lifted to space by our SpaceBalloon, propelled by renewable hydrogen, with no rockets and none of the associated carbon footprint,” Space Perspective writes describing the sustainability of its space vehicle. “Rather than blasting off, we rise slowly at 12mph, making the experience accessible to anyone medically fit to fly with a commercial airline. Our balloon is proven technology, used for decades already by our team on missions with NASA and other government agencies to lift research telescopes and other heavy, sensitive instruments.” Hence, the company is working to introduce a new means of reaching space before the end of this decade.

How Space Perspective is Planning to Return the Spaceship to Earth

Before a company launches a spacecraft into space, it must outline a working approach that will safely return the space vehicle to Earth. Hence, Space Perspective has created an innovative plan to safely return its spaceship to our planet after operation in space.

“In addition to our primary flight system, Neptune is equipped with a backup descent system—four parachutes situated between the capsule and the SpaceBalloon. The chutes can take over for our primary systems seamlessly and instantaneously in the event of a contingency, ensuring a safe landing. This kind of parachute has been used by space-faring agencies on more than a thousand flights over decades with a 100 percent success rate,” concludes the company.

From the look of things, the Space perspective will surely succeed with its innovative approach to safely send humans to space and return them after the mission.


Space Perspective is a space company that came into existence through the creativity of two former crew members of Biosphere 2. The firm is working toward transforming space travel and making space accessible to as many people as possible. 

In addition, the company believes that the experience of looking down on Planet Earth from space will change the way we think and inspire us to take good care of Earth. Hence, humans will be able to reach orbit aboard the spaceship Neptune when the company officially commences space flight before the end of this decade.

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