Illusionist David Copperfield Announces His 30-Year Plans to Make The Moon Disappear In February 2024

On October 27, Illusionist David Copperfield announced his plans to make the moon disappear. How could this be possible, technologically? Well, Copperfield is known for making the Status of Liberty disappear and making other legendary illusions.

When the world thought they had seen the best of Copperfield, the legendary illusionist recently appeared on the Today show to say; I’m going to make the moon disappear.” Copperfield is the richest magician on Earth with an estimated net worth of $1bn.

He revealed his plans to make the moon disappear using legendary plans he has been working on for the past 30 years. Even though this may appear technically impossible, Copperfield is confident that his three decades of plans will surely pull the stunt.

How Illusionist David Copperfield Will Make the Moon Disappear

During the recent interview, Copperfield revealed that it took him about 30 years to come up with plans to make the moon disappear.

“It’s taken 30 years of work, that’s literally 30 years of our lives to develop it,” Copperfield revealed to Today while speaking from Las Vegas. “There’s multiple methods to make it work and I’m collaborating with Save the Children, an amazing organisation to show the world the difference one person can make.”

Copperfield is confident that his next illusion will surely create an impact across the world.

“If one person can make the moon disappear from the sky, imagine how together we can make poverty and hunger and danger disappear for our children on Earth,” He added.

He also noted that the rehearsal for his next biggest event is going as planned. Copperfield said that he’s on the pathway to conduct the illusion in February 2024.

“They’re going well,” he said. “In fact, I’ve been testing them the past few months and people have reported seeing strange things in the sky at night, all around the country.”

The illusionist told his fans to contact him via his social if they eventually spotted anything strange in the sky. Copperfield noted that he would be organizing a contest for people to win a chance to see the moon disappear live before them. He interviewed by explaining that further details for the unique event will be announced over the next few months on his social media accounts.

Can David Copperfield Make the Moon Disappear?

David Copperfield is a magician who has pulled history-breaking stunts in the past. However, making the moon disappear is something most people including scientists would see as an impossible stunt to pull. Copperfield knew that many people would surely doubt him if his forthcoming show streamed only live on television.

Hence, he will be inviting a live audience to witness the moon disappear in real-time. Copperfield will surely work with a team of experts to accomplish his stunt by February 2024.

How the American Illusionist Has Pulled Historic Magic Tricks In The Past

Illusionist David Copperfield started his career in 1977 when he hosted a magic special on ABC. That first event was titled The Magic of ABC. Copperfield later featured in several The Magic of David Copperfield specials on CBS starting from 1978 to 2001. During that period, he starred in a total of 18 television specials and two documentaries.

Some of his most popular illusions consist of the following, the disappearance of a Lear jet, the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty, walking through the Great Wall of China, levitating over the Grand Canyon, escaping from Alcatraz prison, the vanishing of an Orient Express dining car and flying on stage for minutes.

How he conducted the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty still shocks a live audience. The show was held in 1983 when Copperfield invited a live audience of about 20 tourists to Liberty Island in New York City. This is the exact spot where the Statue of Liberty is located currently.

Copperfield executed that illusion by lowering a curtain which revealed the spot where the historic statue once stood to be empty. The audience was amazed when Copperfield raised the curtain again, and upon dropping it, the Statue of Liberty returned it its original position.

If he could pull this stunt, many people believed that Copperfield would surely make the moon disappear. Copperfield currently holds 11 Guinness World Records. These include the highest career earnings as a magician and the most magic shows performed within a year.


Illusionist David Copperfield reveals a plan to make the moon disappear in February 2024. The legendary magician has already pulled different stunts in the past. Hence, many people strongly believe that he will successfully pull the stunt when the time comes. What do you think about this legendary move made by the richest magician of our time? Check out these trending items on Amazon. Please note that when you buy from Amazon, we stand the chance to earn a commission.

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