What Will The Future Of Humanity Look Like A Million Years from Now? Physicist Explains

What will the future of humanity look like in a million years from now? This popular question has many futurists and physicists thinking about it. During a recent interview, Brian Edward Cox, an English physicist and a professor of particle physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester and The Royal Society Professor for Public Engagement in Science shares his thoughts on about the future of humanity among the stars.

“If civilizations are common, or even slightly common, then there should be civilizations ahead of us,” Cox explains. “Because there’s been so much time.”

Cox also explained that we have had science for about 500 years since the time of Copernicus and Newton. Despite having science for only five centuries, we have advanced technologically as a civilization.

“We have gone beyond the solar system with Voyager,” Cox said. “We have walked on the moon. We are about to go to Mars I would think. So, we’re about to begin colonizing our solar system. If we have done that in 500 years, so imagine a million years in the future.”

Cox also emphasized other arguments people often make about other civilizations sharing our galaxy with us.

“It’s one of the arguments people often say that there aren’t any civilizations out there in the galaxy. It’s called the Fermi Paradox,” Cox continued.

“Because if you imagine a civilization that’s a million years ahead of us,” he added. “They should have written their presence across the sky by now. You should see them.”

The Future of Humanity Beyond Earth

Brian Edward Cox also talked about the future of humanity on Earth and in deep space.

“If we survive a million years into the future, we will be exploring the galaxy,” Cox said. “We will have spacecraft that will be going to other stars. We will be doing it so that our signature will become visible. I’m sure if we last.”

However, with the numerous threats facing our civilization, many scientists are scared that humans may not survive for long on this planet. but no matter what, our civilization has always remained hopeful of the future.


Brian Edward Cox an English physicist and a professor of particle physics recently shared his opinion on how humans will explore the galaxy in the future. The physicist also revealed how other civilizations beyond Earth that are ahead of us will be technologically advanced. What do you think about the future of humanity among the stars? Check out these top space gifts for your loved ones from our Amazon affiliate links.

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