Is time Travel Possible? Here’s Why Our Descendants will not Visit us in 2024 from the future

Is time travel possible? Imagine waking up tomorrow with a knock on your door, and the visitor claims to be your descendant from a thousand years into the future. You will definitely doubt the visitor as the concept of time travel has been mostly explored in science fiction and novels than in reality in our time. However, this may not be happening anytime soon as suggested by some scientific theories.

Time travel is one of the most fascinating concepts of movement that has increased our curiosity about the Universe. In the past decades, we have explored the concept of time travel in our science fiction movies. However, most scientists are creating theories suggesting the possibility of time travel.

So, is time travel possible? But if traveling back and forth in time is possible in the future, what is preventing our descendants from visiting us in 2024 from the future? Or can they only move forth in time and still struggle to travel back in time? You are about to find out why our descendants will not be visiting us in 2024 or anytime soon.

How the concept of time travel began

Historians have been struggling to provide the exact period the concept of time travel was introduced. However, many scientists believed that ancient civilizations might have had little knowledge of traveling in time as described in many ancient books.

But the Chinese novel titled “Journey to the West” published in 1640 by Dong Yue is the first known novel that describes the concept of time travel. The novel features magical mirrors and gateways connecting to various points in time. The synopsis of the story involves how a protagonist Sun Wokong travels back in time to the World of the Ancients to recover a magical bell before traveling into the World of the Future to find an emperor that was exiled in time.

Many authors shared their thoughts on time travel before English Writer Herbert George Wells popularized the concept in his 1895 novel titled “The Time Machines”. Unlike other authors, Wells describes time travel as the concept of movement between several points in time using a hypothetical device known as a time machine. Many scientists in recent times also support the idea that time travel is possible.

Is time travel possible? Here are the reasons why Scientists think that traveling in time may be possible

Physicist Albert Einstein is one of the greatest scientists that propose a theory that supports time travel. According to his special theory of relativity, time is an illusion that moves relative to an observer. This implies that if the observer travels close to the speed of light, the person will experience time alongside all of its aftereffects such as aging, growth, and much more at a slower rate than an observer at rest.

Scientists experimented with this when astronaut Scott Kelly and his twin brother. Kelly left his twin brother on Earth and traveled to the International Space Station and spent a year aboard the orbiting laboratory. When he returned from space, scientists discovered that Kelly has aged slightly less than his twin brother who stayed back on Earth. Aside from Einstein’s theory of relativity, other scientific theories support traveling in time. These theories include wormholesblack holes, and string theory.

Why Our Descendants won’t be visiting us in 2024 From The Future

Many scientists believe that time travel is possible, but it is in a one-way direction. Physicist Stephen Hawking explained the concept of traveling in time in his 1994 book titled, “Black Holes and Baby Universe”. “The best evidence we have that time travel is not possible, and never will be, is that we have not been invaded by hordes of tourists from the future,” according to Hawking.

The renowned astrophysicist believed that traveling in time is possible but not as shown in novels and science fiction movies. Hawking’s theories never supported traveling back in time as he believes that backward time travel will create a new matter (which is a new you).

On June 28, 2009, Stephen Hawking threw a party for time travelers alone. However, he sent out the invitations to the party the next day. Hawkings believed that copies of the invitations will survive in one form or another for many thousands of years.

“Maybe one day, someone living in the future will find the information and use a wormhole time machine to come back to my party, proving that time travel will, one day, be possible,” he said.

The actual reason why time travelers may not honor Hawking’s invitation may be because of the Einstein-Rosen Bridge theory. According to this theory, no one can go back in time to a point before the bridge was created, implying that you cannot travel back in time before the time machine was built.

Maybe, our future descendants have successfully built a machine, which allows them to travel back and forth in time. However, the Einstein-Rosen Bridge theory may have prevented time from visiting this time zone to share how powerful human civilization has become in the future.


The concept of traveling in time has created several doubts and debates within the science community. But Is time travel possible? The answer is Yes because everything on earth is hurtling towards the future at an impressive rate of one second per second. This implies that we are all traveling in time into the future. But science fiction writers often see traveling in time from a different perspective.

Some scientists assume that if we can think of an idea, we can probably bring it into reality. Maybe, future human civilization has invented the time machine which travels into the future alone. However, they are still struggling to move back in time and get to us. But let’s remain hopeful that someday, our descendants will be able to break the barrier of physics and start traveling back in time to get to us. What do you think about the concept of traveling in time?

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