Humans Are Made Up of Star Dust and the Universe is Alive Inside Us, Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Based on 1957 Paper Published by Margaret Burbidge

Scientists have been conducting several studies since the last century to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Margaret Burbidge is one of the most recognized astrophysicists who published a research paper in 1957 unveiling more deeper meaning into modern astrophysics. Burbidge was a leading scientist at the time of this publication. During a recent interview with Pier Morgan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, the famous renowned astrophysicist of our time explained the research paper published 66 years ago. Why did Tyson think that the Universe is alive inside Us? What is the content of the 1957 research paper? Continue reading to find out.

Why Neil deGrasse Tyson Thinks That the Universe is Alive Inside Us

When Peir Morgan asked him the most important that most of us don’t know about the Universe. Tyson started his explanation by pointing out the most precious give modern astrophysics has given our civilization.

“In 1957, a research paper was published including a leading female scientist by the way, who’s celebrated, maybe one day will get a good biographer,” Tyson answered. “Her name is Margaret Burbidge.”

“They published a paper demonstrating that the atoms in your body including nitrogen, iron, carbon, and more are traceable to cosmic crucibles deep in the centers of stars, that it manufactures them by thermonuclear fusion that stars explode, scatters that enrichment into gas clouds that make the next generation of star systems such as we,” he explains.

”So, it’s not like you are out in the universe looking up and saying I’m alive in this universe but I feel small,” Tyson continued. “No, the Universe is alive within you and you should feel large. That revelation that we are not poetically but literally stardust, borders on the spiritual and I think everyone that it is their duty to know that.”

You can watch the rest of the Interview from here.

Video Credit: Piers Morgan Uncensored

Connecting the Dots of how the Universe is alive inside us

Based on Tyson’s explanation, we should learn to feel more connected with the universe as science has proven that it is part of our existence. We are mostly fascinated with the vast nature of the universe whenever we study our cosmic neighbors with sophisticated telescopes.

Even though, we might feel too small when we compare ourselves with the gigantic cosmic worlds scattered across the observable universe. However, the renowned astrophysicist has encouraged us not to feel too small as the universe is alive within us. This 1957 research paper is truly one of the most interesting scientific papers ever published.


Neil deGrasse Tyson clearly explained how humans are made up of stardust and why the universe is literally alive inside us. This interview with Pier Morgan is truly an eye-opener to all lovers of the cosmos. You can check out these mind-blowing books written by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

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