SpaceX is about to Launch the World’s Most sophisticated Operational Rocket Next Week After A three Year Wait

SpaceX is getting ready to launch the world’s most sophisticated operational rocket, Falcon Heavy by the next week. This powerful rocket is powered by 27 engines and has attained several milestones since its completion. The last time that SpaceX launched this rocket was in 2019. But after three years of resting, the American aerospace company is hoping to send the 27-core engine rocket into space for a fascinating space mission.

The rocket is made up of three core rockets consisting of three modified Falcon 9 first-stage boosters attached to each side of the rocket. These boosters are individually powered with 9 Merlin 1D engines which can generate up to 5.1 million pounds of thrust during liftoff. Ever since humans begin to build rockets, SpaceX Falcon Heavy has remained the third most sophisticated vehicle to ever fly to space.

NASA’s Saturn V rocket and Russia’S Energia rockets which are no longer in active use have remained the most powerful rockets to ever reach orbit. But since these rockets are no longer in operation, SpaceX Falcon Heavy currently holds the title of the world’s most powerful operational rocket.

What is this mission all about?

The forthcoming launch Falcon Heavy launch is a mission planned by the United States Space Force (USSF) to launch a pair of classified payloads under a space mission named the USSF-44 mission. This mission is scheduled to launch on October 31 at 9:44 a.m. ET. The primary goal of this space mission is to send two satellites directly into geosynchronous orbit.

These satellites are identified as the military’s TETRA-1 satellite while the other is classified. The USSF official reveals that the TETRA-1 is designed as a sophisticated military satellite with the potential of serving as prototype missions and tactics, techniques, and procedures in and around geosynchronous Earth orbit. However, the USSF does not give out enough information about its classified mission to protect the national interest and security.

But it was revealed that the combined mass of the payloads is estimated to be around 3,700 kilograms. The USSF-44 mission was previously scheduled to launch in 2020. However, the mission was delayed for almost two years because of some undisclosed payload issues. But the USSF has paid SpaceX about $130 million to deliver its payloads to Space.

How the Mission will be Launched

Before the launch day, SpaceX must have placed the Falcon Heavy rocket on its launch pad with two side boosters. Upon launch, the Falcon Heavy will lift off and commence to orbit. After Falcon Heavy’s two side boosters must have completed their jobs, they will be recovered through synchronized landing on Landing Zone 1 and Zone 2. These locations are both located at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. You will be fascinated to watch the touch of this mission.

How to Watch Falcon Heavy Launch on October 31

SpaceX always Livestream each mission they plan to launch into space. You can watch this fascinating mission on SpaceX Youtube Channel. If you are fascinated to see Falcon Heavy fly into space again, you surely need to watch this launch and be amazed by the lift-off and recovery process of the rocket and its boosters.

What are Falcon Heavy’s Past Missions to Space?

Since 2018, Falcon Heavy has only been used for three missions. The first mission was a demonstration space flight test that sent the Tesla Roadster with the Starman astronaut mannequin into space. Most demonstration spaceflights are accomplished using massive concrete blocks carefully placed atop rockets. However, SpaceX intended to show creativity and inspire people by launching Falcon Heavy’s demonstration test flight with Tesla Roadster and an astronaut mannequin carefully attached to the driver’s seat.

Falcon Heavy’s second mission to space was conducted in April 2019 to deploy the Arabsat telecommunications satellite for Saudi Arabia. In June 2019, the space vehicle was launched for its third flight to deploy the Department of Defense Space Test Program payload which was composed of 24 small spacecraft into space. This last launch in 2019 showed Falcon Heavy’s sophistication in handling complex space missions for space agencies.

How SpaceX is preparing for this launch

SpaceX is already warming up for this upcoming launch. On Sunday, October 23, the American Aerospace company shared this fascinating photograph of its Falcon Heavy rocket placed inside a hangar at NASA Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex-39A. The image displays the rocket’s 27 Merlin 1D engines which will be fueled following a combination of RP-1 rocket-grade Kerosene and liquid oxygen. As the launch date is approaching closes, SpaceX will roll out the Falcon Heavy to its launch Pad to commence the journey to space.


SpaceX is working on sending Falcon Heavy into space for the USSF-44 mission. The outcome of this space mission will determine the future of this most powerful operational rocket. What do you think about this space mission?

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